Reflective Blog Post on Indigenous Community and Policing in Australia

Reflective Blog Post on Indigenous Community and Policing in Australia

Many indigenous people are the holders of unique believes, languages, knowledge system and have essential information on traditional knowledge which is useful in managing natural resources and has information regarding the use of the community waters, native land and territories. For indigenous people to exist, then there is need to have ancestral land and area for their cultural survival. The paper will feature an analysis of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia specifically outlined my knowledge of their community and the policy system.

What I know about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is that they enjoy diverse cultures compared to other people living in the world. Torres Strait Islanders refer the Island of Torres Strait home. It is crucial to mention that the indigenous Australian do not like to be regarded as indigenous as they consider the name to be generic. The two community has some differences, and the first one is that they speak different languages. Aboriginal speak Pama-Nyungan language while Torres Straight talk to Meriam Mir and Kala Yagaw Ya languages. I also think that the Aboriginals are nomadic pastoralists while Torres Strait Islanders are known to be traders, deal in agriculture and are seafarers. Aboriginal people believe that Rainbow Serpent is the creator of the other while Torres Strait Islanders tend to talk more about warrior Tagai and also believe more on the star and the sky.

Indigenous people are conservative and do not know much about the things of the third world.  What I know is that police tend to use excessive power upon them. The police harass them, portray inappropriate behavior upon them and give excessive sentences upon to them without the consideration of cultural land act. Most police abuse their power when dealing with the youths and children of the indigenous community. One of the stories I have heard to portray the relationship between the community and the police was when some community members were found fetching firewood in unfenced land which belonged to the government. Police mistreated them by using very harsh words.

I believe that the colonization process brought many controversies on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The community members got distracted in their endeavors since they got used to living their own indigenous life. Police forces impacted their operations since they were used to their way of peace management and in keeping law and order. Activists in the region say the police show dictatorship to the community members, and there needs to address the same to stop force ruling. The continuing impact of colonization is better since most youths and children can get scholarships to make them learn about policing and other people living in the world. i got the knowledge that I have through interacting with one student who had gotten a scholarship. We communicated with the student, and this made me have an interest in the two communities. Another factor that may have made me know some information is through Google on the internet. I hope to learn more on the real culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people including their language, customs, beliefs and the reasons as to why there are too conservative even with the great westernization in the world.

In conclusions, studying indigenous communities helps to understand the living of such people and in appreciating such people. People should try and conserve their culture despite the high modernization in the world.

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