Reflective Essay

It is only a matter of time before we break from school and the hustles of class work. Despite the excitement, it is important that I reflect on my progress in terms of academic development. Over the course of my class work, I have developed more skills in literature and mastered a vast array of experiences. The secret to my smooth sail has been the maximization of my strengths and the limitation of my weaknesses. It is therefore not surprising that most of the academic goals that I set at the start of my coursework have gradually been met while others are still work in progress.

I can summarily term my coursework as a successful journey in which I overachieved what I expected. I now have apt knowledge on literature, something that I did not have in the beginning. Most importantly, I have learned most of the aspects of the English language and their application. I can now comfortably analyze and critique other people’s writings while remaining objective. In fact, I now feel like I can lecture my fellow classmates on the same. During my class work, I have gained knowledge and skills that I hope to use in my future academic life. Most of the goals and objectives set out have been adequately met and even those that have not been achieved are work in progress.

The course of my class work has been nothing short of challenging making me to stretch at times. Despite these challenges, I still managed to achieve most of the goals set out at the beginning. I now feel more equipped than I was at the start of the semester and this has been an important gain in my future life. I hope to apply what I have learnt in my future academic and career life.


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