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Education has blinded a more substantial part of our current world. It has been to the point of many perceiving it as the only way of securing a better living. Most people aim at getting certificates believing that their lives would be better. It is however evident that many people globally have made it without education. Through the use of their talents/skills, they have gotten a global reputation. It has been driven mainly by the passion for those activities, hence achieving tremendous success. It indicates that through passion great talents can be development thus impacting the world significantly, and positively(Collard et al., 348). Several people have transmuted their lives and others by capitalizing in their personalities.

These factors are noted by interaction with a famous soccer star and a principal in of specific institution. I interviewed the soccer star of how he got to his position, earning himself so much fame and fortune. “I was not thick, but I was not interested in schooling. I was expelled from school after throwing a seat to a teacher”, he said. Therefore he decided to give all of his heart/minds to football which earned him his fortune. The second was an encounter with a principal of a junior high school. I read the mail she sent to parents before students’ sitting for the end of year exams. The correspondence stated that each student has their way of success in life which is independent of the rest. Therefore, for students who would do well in exams well and good! Those who would not do well, (Collard et al., 348), they have other important talents and skills that do not require education to undertake.

Meaningful Ideas

The two encounters gave me an insight into the present society’s idolization by ‘papers.’ Ithas to lead to many innovators, and creativity being scrapped of by institutions. They have made curriculums are extremely engulfed with marking schemes for examinations hence cataloging their transcripts with capital letters (A, B, C, and D). Scholarspurpose these institutions to subsist and become self-independent. It is however not definite that schools will aid in their survival. Since they are nurtured with a lot of irrelevant info and then tried before labeling them with prevalent alphabetical letters. I advocate that the best school in the world that teaches one to discover what they love, filling joy to their lives.

By developing their passion through hard and soft times, one can achieve true survival. It is however hard since the education system has washed our brains. The system has splashed our minds that survival needs ‘papers’ and good grades. It has caused problems to the global society since people hardly follow their passion(Collard et al., 348).”Joy is not all gotten by the educated people. A series of problem face them as they have to meet their employers’ terms which are very stressful”, the principal said to me. Supporting people’s passion, enables them to shine and conquer the world making their lives joyful.

Personal Connecting Section

These factors can be driven into everyone’s mind to advance our society. Kids can be encouraged and let to express their talents by training them, unleashing their full potential. Pressing them to understand concepts that have no relation to their passion for being abolished. Relevant measures should be put, and the education system is changed so that kidscan expose their potential. This overall evolution will change the world with diversity, and exponential development.


Specific – The message should be conveyed to society for them to change their mindset. It is a long term achievement and will require time to achieve, though its impact will change the entire world.

Achievable – Through relevant measures, strategies and involvement by all the stakeholders, talents and skills will get supported and nurtured.

Relevant – Empowering development of talents/skills will help solve problems through innovations hence making earth a better place. In conclusion, education is essential to our world, but everyone should be empowered to work on their talents and skills. Through passion, great achievements can be made, creating a happy world.


Work Citation

Collard, Paul, and Janet Looney. “Nurturing creativity in education.” European Journal of Education 49.3 (2014): 348-364.

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