Regent Park Community Health Centre


As according to Manzo, & Perkins, (2006) the reframing of the community organization in the 21st century has been an issue of debate. The organization of a community has been redefined, and there has been an increase in the stakeholders that are mandated with making the society a better place. The stakeholder has thus taken upon themselves to redefine the community, and through the social planning, they can come at par with the city. Regent Park CHC is committed to improving the soundness of Regent Park region inhabitants and the network in general, by giving high caliber, incorporated essential human services administrations, wellbeing advancement administrations, and network limit building. Our need is to decrease the wellbeing disparities experienced by low-pay, migrant and outcast, non-status and barely housed and destitute populaces.

The Paper look into how Regent Park Community Health Center has redefined the term community and how it is panning and changing the community into better than it was since its formation. We will look at how it defines the community health and its mission, vision and the principle that guides it in the processes of helping the community.

What is the purpose and rationale for the community-based organization?

Regent Park Community Health Center (RPCHC) is a network-based association that is devoted to improving the wellbeing of Regent Park zone inhabitants and the network all in all. The association is endeavoring to accomplish this by giving high caliber, incorporated essential social insurance administrations, wellbeing advancement administrations, and network limit building.

The association needs to decrease the wellbeing imbalances experienced by low-salary, foreigners and displaced person, non-status and insignificantly – housed &homeless populace. The point is to build up the network in the ideal way that could be available. By Vance, Lloyd, Scadding, Walker, Jewkes, Williams, and Hughes, (2011) the association ought to have the conviction of wellbeing being an asset forever and that there are a lot of things that sway the prosperity which incorporates training, lodging, access to wellbeing administrations, economic wellbeing, sexual orientation, feeling of consideration or prohibition from the general public and work status.

Health isn’t just about being debilitated, and it is about the capacity to settle on decisions and live by them as characterized by the association site. It says that health is about being able to hope and helping others to expect; it is about having a voice in your community. Due to this definition, the organization offers a wide variety of services to be able to serve everyone. As according to the organization purpose it can be seen to fulfill the Mid-19th century and the early 20th century Urban Public Health Movement which was argued by Chadwick. It believed that the health of the poor was improved; it results in fewer people seeking poor relief.

In the Community Plan created by the Regent Park Neighborhood Initiative (RPNI), occupants demonstrated that they might want to safeguard their social and religious assorted variety and Convictions, however frequently battle to discover the chances to do this. Inhabitants additionally showed a Powerful urge to beat industrious social generalizations. In interviews, occupants called for space for different social exercises. Giving space where individuals can serenely get together is vital; it provides a genuinely necessary social outlet and further empowers Kids to find out about and be pleased with their legacy and nations of inception. Finding Proper space, in any case, particularly for expansive social occasions like Eid and Diwali, is troublesome in Regent Park. Expressions and social focus could be a spot that gives sufficient space for various social gatherings to celebrate and share their way of life and to celebrate and share in the social exercises of neighbors.

As pointed out in the introduction, people group dependent on standard culture, language or ethnicity can assume a critical incorporating job crosswise over pay and residency. Individuals who share a culture Share a great deal practically speaking regardless of whether their monetary conditions differ, as can connect occupants crosswise over salary and residency. Individuals from social and language-based networks who have themselves stood up to the difficulties of combination frequently welcome the need to expand on decent variety and welcome individuals from various foundations. Counsels attempted by the Regent Park Neighborhood Initiative in 2006 uncovered that newcomer and foreigner networks in Regent Park put a high need on creating and fortifying. The Understanding between various social gatherings and the more extensive system. Respondents proposed that the acknowledgment of the advantages of different occupant societies can encourage a network that regards distinction and endeavors to make an integrated and various network. Regent Park occupants want to assemble network solidarity and create Procedures to battle the poor open impression of their neighborhood.

This circumstance gives numerous chances to build network-wide commitment and cooperation. Nearby occasions and festivities, for example, Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, the Regent Park Film Festival and Sunday in the Park every single offer an open door for diverse commitment just as a possibility for every network to express its pride in its social heritage

Does it have a formal mission and mandate?

Regent Park Community Health Centre (RPCHC) has a Mission and a vision that is stated on the organizations’ website. The Mission noted as;

“Regent Park Community Health Centre (RPCHC) is a community-based organization which aims to improve the health of individuals and our community as a whole, with a focus on health equity and social justice.”

The vision of the organization states:

”We strive for individual and community success. Everyone. Every possibility. Together.”

In addition to that, the organization has a Philosophy and values that guide it to its daily performance. The philosophy is Accessibility as the organization of the trying to make the accessibility of the health care services accessible to everyone in the community. Network proprietorship/Responsiveness as they have created projects that are controlled by the influenced networks. They are progressing in the direction of network support and central leadership in all angles. Magnificence and Innovation as they are focused on giving superb projects and administrations.

Network Succession because of the conviction that each from the network ought to have openings that will enable them to achieve their maximum capacity. Self-assurance as the association is focused on working in manners that exhibit and mirrors the privileges of people and networks choose for themselves on issues that sway them. Value and Social Justice through the arrangements of spaces and different staffs that are touchy to assorted people and their understanding access to administrations and wellbeing itself is controlled by social variables including work, separation, instruction, societal position, lodging, access to administrations, condition, social help and other pool of components.

For the association to accomplish better and progressively decent wellbeing results, they look for more prominent value in social condition for the network and even the people. It has strived to get, name and furthermore stand up to the frameworks of separation and power that outcomes in unequal dissemination of assets, vitality and even benefits.

How is the organization governed and structured?

RPHCHC is governed by a board of directors elected by the members. The board meets up at a proximately ten times a year, and they have one Annual General Meeting (AGM) report to the members and the community.

The Board comprises of a few panels intended to guide it. The individuals from the board seat the groups; however, there is an incorporation of different volunteers. The committee is classified as Governance committee that is mandated with the provision of advice on leadership and also to help the board in its job of governance to attain success which may also include in the recruitment and monitoring of new board members.

The board additionally comprise of Finance panel that gives exhortation and knowledge on money-related issues to guarantee the Health has secure subsidizing. In addition to the two committees, there is the Community Liaison Committee as well as the Executive committee. Therefore the Community Liaison committee provide advice and leadership in building and sustaining the relationship with the community while the  Executive committee is composed of the officer of the board.

What is the history of the organization?

Regent Park Community Health Centre (RPCHC) was established in 1973. It is a non-benefitting, network-based association devoted to improving the wellbeing of Regent Park territory inhabitants and the system all in all.

Regent Park is the home of the Toronto history slums districts in the 1900s. It was designed to alleviate the areas of poor standard housing, crime, and all the social problems. Throughout the history of RPCHC, it has been known for its commitment to the building of a long-lasting relationship with the community and the clients.

How does the organization obtain its funding? Who are the funders?

The RPCHC is a non- profiting organization. It aims it to help the community to attain the best possible health status. Due to this, the organization depends on the contribution and donation from the good willing people. The organization also apply for funding awards to be able to run their day to day activities.

As according to their website they have been able to win the various award, the most recent being the Capital Funding Award where they earned $205, 450 from the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF) through the ministry of Health and Long Term Care. They have indicated that the funds will be used in the repair of the Health Centre that was built in 1998. They also plan to install more automatic doors utilizing the fund.

The organization also have sponsors and partners such as “Better Beginnings,” “Pathways to Education” and the “Ontario’s Community Health Centers.”

What are the services, programs, and activities that the organization engages in and provides? How does it involve and how are these programs/services provided?

For the organization to be able to provide the services, it does to the community, and it has first had to do social planning. As according to Sites, W, Chaskin, R, & Parks, (2007) community organization are seen a multiple- paradigm and the practitioners rely on different competencies. To achieve the skills, social planning is used. Social planning approaches that know community intervention primarily as a technical process of problem-solving that is focused on the substantive social challenge.

The organization offers a wide variety of services. The services they offers include Health Services, Chronic condition services, Social work and community health, Homeless/ Outreach/ harm reduction services/ programs, Immigrants/ Refugee programs, infant/ child Development programs, Youth programs, and community development.

The main functionality of the RPCHC is to provide health services. In their provision of the health services, they offer primary health care where they contain a team of physician, nurses, who are trained to provide the standard health care to the culturally diverse inner-city community. The services they offer are under their principles as discussed above and within the philosophy of client-centered care and the individual and community empowerment as by Healey, (1999).  Each client is assigned to the primary health care provider (family doctor). They are provided with the services like; pre and postnatal care, mental health services, care for complex health conditions, e.g., diabetes, foot care, HIV/AIDS care and also the care for the seniors in the community.

The working hours Monday: 9.00am -6.00pm, Tuesday 12:00 pm- 7:30 pm, Wednesday 9:00 am -7:30 pm, Thursday 9:00 am – 7:30 pm and on Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

They also offer Urgent care under Health Services. This is carried out for patients that are not feeling well and are in dire need to be seen by a provider the same day is provided for the registered RPCHC. In short, urgent services are available to registered members. The working hours for this service is usually every day from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm where the last appointment is taken at 4:00 pm.  A physician is also allocated at the phone to advise the clinical clients on urgent matters.

There is also the foot care program (Chiropody) which is meant to help the clients maintain excellent general foot health and be able to manage any unexpected foot ailments. This is done through assessment and treatment which may include soft tissue surgeries, such as ingrown or troubled toenails, wards, diabetic ulcers and other skin infections as indicated by Harvey,  (2010).  The organization also try to fabricate orthotics for clients with deformities or biochemical malfunctions. The outreach team sees clients in their homes and drop-in centers for the homeless and vulnerable individuals as by George, K, Lee, & McGrath, (1999).

They also offer Nutrition services. The dietitian works with individuals, groups, and families to support healthy eating for a variety of various dietary needs.  The need may include, the chronic diseases, heart diseases, healthy weights, growth, and even the child development program. The local’s volunteers in undergoing these treatments. This provides a range of services that are performed through groups and individual plans. Besides, there is also an essential dental service offered as by Farahani, (2016).

The organization has also taken upon itself to educate the community about diabetes through a program that is known as the Diabetes Education program. The program offers services that include free training on the healthy practices that will help the society to avoid diabetes. There is also youth health services. The facilities are centered on every youth who has a question about their health. The child considered are between the ages of 14- 25 years.

The organization also offer services and programs on chronic diseases like Asthma, Hepatitis C, HIV programs, and Mental Health. All the programs are through a partnership with other organization to create awareness about these diseases.

The organization is also involved in social works and community health workers.  They provide counseling, management of cases and advocacy clients in our service area. They also work on an individual basis with children’s, youth and adults. They also provide information, referrals and supportive counseling to individuals.

Du Toit, Lloyd, Sinnott, Forster, Austin, Clark, & Warner, (2011) says the homeless /outreach/ harm reduction program is a community program that is meant to help the homeless. These services include shower and laundry support where they provide a daily shower and a laundry program on a first come first serve basis for the homeless. To enjoy the service, the clients are required to register with the staff and are limited to only one laundry per week.

There is also the WOW program. The WOW program is Wednesday One Stop Walk (WOW) that is designed to increase the full range of health services for the vulnerable and the homeless. Besides, there is the housing support worker program for housing support for the culturally sensitive support, Harm reduction supplies to reduce the social risks and harms that are related to alcohol and drug use. There are also men drop-in for homeless men, Street outreach where the community outreach workers connect with the homeless client.

There is also the immigrants/ refugee programs. The programs are meant for the immigrants and refugee. They are several of them and include Tuesday immigrant/refugee support drop-in, where settlement drop in that provides weekly walk-in service to assist the newcomer who lives in the community. The homework club and adult literacy which a partnership club.  There are their programs which include the Seas cultural interpretation services, ESL (English as A Second Language) Class as by Burton, (2003).




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