Rejection of Claim

Rejection of Claim


Cc:Manager Minelli’s Photo Studio

Subject:  Rejection of Claim

On behalf of the Optisonic, thank you for submitting a claim as our esteemed customer for the repair of the authorized SLR cameras that you purchased from our premise. I am also glad to get that all of the three cameras performed well for three years. Unfortunately, those cameras didn’t meet the approximated durability. The Optisonic Corporation admitted your claim, and we are ready and equipped to troubleshoot and repair your cameras. However, I am sorry to report that the CFO did not approve consideration of your warranty claim by the CFO.

With the financial constraints caused by the reduction in market force and increased competitions, I am afraid that several worthwhile claims could not be supported. Our company is prospecting to have customer relations based on workable formulae and in consideration of the best terms and conditions set by the company. Advisably, customers are required to read and understand our regulations for efficient and effective customer services. Also, this effort will reduce other similar future claims, since Optisonic company always safeguard the interests of customers as well as its stakeholders for growth and productivity. With these factors considered the company resolved to refute such good claims. However, a valid warranty is still accepted at the expense of the company. Regarding what I mentioned it is our responsibility alongside esteemed customers like you to promote the business relevance of Optisonic. Although your request was not approved, I trust that you will continue to pursue the available services as well as opportunities from our company.

Yours Sincerely,

Vice President of Customer Affairs

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