Remote Working

Currently, remote working is on the rise with an increased interest of employees to work outside of a corporate office. Remote working style provides a humble opportunity to work outside a traditional office setting. The style is based on the principle that work can be done anywhere without specifically doing it from one location. Other departments within the company are already using the style, and the latest employees evaluation released by the executive reports improved performance among individual employees. The employees at my department are seeking to be given the same opportunity to express their potentials in diverse working environments that promote flexibility.

Creating a connection

The organization requires maximum employee input to be able to compete effectively with other firms in the industry. The marketing team has complained claiming that working within the premises of the company does not give them an opportunity to meet the potential customers and share the experiences of our products and services (De Menezes & Kelliher, 2017). Within our organizational industry not only has other companies introduced remote working but they have also provided employees with transportation allowances.

Employees believe that when they get the chance of remote working, they will be able to differentiate their personal and professional lives accordingly. A remote job can take place in cafes and from home, but the employees will still have to attend staff and executive meetings to receive appropriate directions (Felstead & Henseke, 2017). Other employee prefers co-working spaces where they can network connect with employees who work in a multitude of industries.


Better health and wellness

Remote working employees are less stressed and have improved morale as compared to their counterparts in the office environment. The department of public health in the UK reported that 55% of employees feel stressed as a result of their commute (Felstead & Henseke, 2017). It is also said that 69% of remote workers reported reduced absenteeism as compared to the non-remote employees.

Flexible lifestyle

Remote working offer people the chance to live a more flexible life.  When employees are not needed in the office, the employees can focus on other things that are important outside the office (De Menezes & Kelliher, 2017). Remote working can dedicate their time to their children and also attend to doctor’s appointment at the hospital. Remote employees can also enhance their career through furthering in their education.

Higher productivity

Remote working is accompanied by increased productivity due to its flexibility. Remote employees can add extra efforts in their jobs, and this is slightly higher when fellow in-office employees.  According to the report on work productivity, 65% of in-office employees working full time believe that working remotely increases productivity (De Menezes & Kelliher, 2017). It is also reported that two-thirds of managers think that when their employees work outside the office, there is an increase in overall productivity.

The Ask

Remote working among the employees in my department will require a network connection with other professionals in the same field. The departmental team will require computers which will be used to update and store data on the daily progress of the outside office activities. The executive leaders will also need to get information on the progress of individual employee’s performance on specific tasks (Felstead & Henseke, 2017). The report will be sent through a computer application as data on present market analysis and findings. Transport allowance is also requested from the organization to allow employees to move around and interact with other workers through information sharing.


Remote working is essential and introducing it to our department will yield positive results on our employees. The employees will be motivated towards excellent performance when they work outside the office and can dedicate their time to other personal life issues. The organization will benefit from diverse employee experiences obtained from the sharing of ideas with other professionals. Remote working keeps the employee healthy since they are less stressed and can perform under any condition.


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