A Report on the Hiring Process

In recent years, the economic climate has continued to portray signs of improvement due to the rising demands of goods and services. Business owners are still cautious about the hiring process. Temporary workers seem to be an ideal solution to some of the companies to the extent that they transition them from temporary to full-time professionals. According to Niles (2013), companies prefer to use the temporary to the full-time option because it allows them to employ skilled and experienced individuals who have the ability to meet the needs of the business. Similarly, it keeps the staffing options of the company flexible in situations when the company experiences workload fluctuations.

The Work Now Agency enters into a contract with the company whereby it requests for information about job descriptions and employees. The human resource manager of Work Now Agency provides the company with information about the payment rates. Besides, the rates depend on the employee’s skills and experience and are usually calculated per hour or at flat rates. After the company approves the information, it signs an agreement with the Work Now Agency. The agreement includes information about the start date, job position and requirements, and per hour and flat rates (Niles, 2013). For clarification, the agreement between the two companies is for temporary positions and it does not contain any information on permanent hiring.

The Work Now Agency will advertise for jobs, gather resumes of potential candidates and forward them to the company for review purposes. Moreover, the agencies post jobs on their websites, boards and wait for replies from interested candidates. Before recruiting the candidate, the agency will ensure they have gone through screening. For an agency to hire and train new employees who are perfect for the job, they need to conduct background checks and pre-employment screening of the applicants (Niles, 2013). The standard screening test for the candidates will include physical exams, skills test, aptitude, and integrity test. After the screening test, the agency will choose the best candidates and offer them the job.

With the temporary to hire option, the employees work for the staffing firm and thus is paid by the same firm. After the company has agreed to work with the Work Now Agency, it has the responsibility to integrate its temporary workers into their work environment. The company will provide the temporary employees with information about their duties. How they fit into the business process and the quality of work they should deliver. Similarly, the company will introduce them to the office and publicly describe their roles to the rest of the team. In situations when things work out well and the employee is employed permanently, the company will let the employee know that upfront.

Apart from the temp-to-full-time option, job seekers can use the following methods to find full-time employment. First, the job hunter can use a direct application method. In response to a position advertised by the company, a job seeker can decide to write an application letter to the company requesting to fill the vacancy available. With this method, a person needs to be up to date with information concerning the company. A person needs to follow the letter-writing guide to understand how to set out a letter in response to the advertised position (Niles, 2013). Similarly, the job hunter should research on advanced information that entails applying for an advertised job.

Second, the job hunter can use employee referral method to get a full-time employment role. An employee referral is an internal recruitment method whereby the organization allows its employees to mention someone who they think has the skills required for the job available (Kleynhans, 2006). The employees will then motivate the person to apply for the specific job opening. For an applicant to be successful, he/she needs to get an invitation from a person working in the company to apply for an opening position. Mostly, the referrals come from people you know, and this makes it easy for a job hunter to get the job.

Third, a person can get full-time employment through the organization’s job posting and job bidding methods. The job posting is a method an organization uses to let its employees know about the availability of the job opening. Similarly, job bidding is a process that entails allowing individuals in the company to apply for the job because they believe they possess the right requirements (Kleynhans, 2006). This method requires the applicants to be current employees because they are given the first opportunity to apply for a job opening. Moreover, the applicants should be up to date with the company’s news and have the right requirements for the job.

The owner of Work Now Agency can use the following recommendations to disseminate information to the applicants about the hiring procedures. First, the owner of the agency should use face- to face communication when distributing information to the applicants about recruiting procedures. The face-to-face communication ensures that the applicants hear and understand the message (Kleynhans, 2006). Similarly, the owner can engage more than one applicant at a go. This would result to a fruitful interaction. Second, the owner can use electronic communication such as the email. After receiving applications from the candidates, the owner can send them detailed information about the temp-to-full-time procedure and other job application methods so that they can read and understand.

The temp-to-full-time methodology is ideal because it allows the applicant to build his/her resume. As a temporary worker, one gets a chance to work in the new environment and acquire the necessary skills to include in his/her resume. Similarly, it gives the applicants the opportunity to get to the employment track, show skills thus boosting their self-confidence (Niles, 2013). The Work Now Agency will benefit from the long-term positive relationship with the company in situations when employees provide a productive performance to the company. Besides, it will strengthen the relationship between the temporary employees and Work Now Agency.



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