The purpose of this report is to provide information that will help in coming up with the most appropriate advertisement plan for the recently outdoor clothes manufacturing company. The newly purchased company focuses on the manufacture of outdoor garments for those who have an interest in fishing, hunting, and camping. The recent acquisition of the new company and the product range’s extension with clothing for other outdoor activities than the current offering was to create a large market for Sporty Fit Company. By the creation of a good advertisement platform for the new outdoor wears, Sporty Fit will be able to continue dominating the market and attracting new consumers. In return, the company will generate more revenue and accumulate lots of wealth for the owners.





Sporty Fit Company is a well-established organization that is commonly known for the manufacture of outdoor clothing. The consumers of Sport wears have familiarized themselves with outdoor clothing for sporting activities for runners, hikers, skiers, and snowboarders. Recently, the company purchased another outdoor apparel manufacturing company. The new company dwells in the manufactures of wears for persons who love camping, hunting, and fishing. With the purchase of the new company, it means that all the clothing manufactured by the two companies will be produced under one umbrella of Sporty Fit wears. The key challenge faced by the mother company is the need to invest in advertising to inform the audience of the new product types we offer.





The key opportunity is that there is a readily available market for the outdoor clothing manufactured by the recently purchased manufacturing company.  Additionally, Sporty Fit is a well-established outdoor wear company with a lot of customers. Most importantly, there is a possibility to use specialized publications that target such customers and, therefore, are excellent marketing channels to deliver the message. Given the production of clothing for camping, hunting, and fishing, Outdoor Life and Backpacker are the best options because they have the necessary audiences, have both online and print versions, which increases the flexibility of marketing moves, and have uncomplicated ads placement procedures.







OutdoorLife is a publication that releases content for people interested in fishing, hunting, camping, and guns, which is fully in line with associations that we want to create for the clothing the acquired company produces. Moreover, the magazine has both a printed and mobile version, which is particularly beneficial as advertising will be flexible and agile. Its demographics are dominant men aged 25-54, with an income of over $60,000; they are 4.3 times likely to hunt, fish, or camp once per month (OutdoorLife Media Kit, 2018). The magazine is on sale four times per year at a rate base of 500,000, which means that the circulation equals 2 million, and this number is sufficient for us. Costs-wise, OutdoorLife offers different options that range from 1/12 of a page (2.25″ x 2.375″) for $1,960 to a full page (7″ w x 10″ h) for $19,600 per three of the four issues a year (OutdoorLife Media Kit, 2018). Such a cost-value balance, combined with the magazine’s audience and reach, make it an excellent choice.





4C: FULL PAGE 1/2 PAGE 1/3 PAGE 1/6 PAGE 1/12 PAGE


$20,720 $10,570 $7,210 $3,780 $2,030


$19,600 $10,080 $6,860 $3,570 $1,960


Additionally, apart from the print form of advertisement, OutdoorLife also offers other kinds of media advertisements. The different types include gifs that can quickly be circulated in social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, the magazine also has social media platforms that include Facebook and Instagram that have massive following. We can use the two digital media platforms to advertise the new products produced by the newly purchased company.




Backpacker is another optimum choice for the upcoming marketing campaign as its core focus is on adventures and camping. Its total audience is 1.4 million, of which 67 percent are men, and the majority is aged 25-44 and hikes or camps at least once per year (Backpacker Media Kit, 2018). Besides, the magazine runs an online version, and ads we could buy from them would be fully compatible with a digital platform. Backpacker’s circulation is high as it publishes once per month, nine times a year, and the rate base is 315,000, which makes the annual circulation equal to 2.835 million (Backpacker Media Kit, 2018). Costs-wise, the magazine charges from $10,080 per 1/4 of a page (3.4375” x 4.6875”) to $40,134 for a full page (7.125” x 9.625”), and different sections, such as production specifications and marketplace, are available (Backpacker Media Kit, 2018). This magazine charges more than the first option, but its circulation and reach are higher too.










$40,314 $72,565 $27,776 $22,626 $15,515 $10,080 _ _ _      


_ _ _ $16,022 $11,108 $8,904 $6,726 $3,432 $1,767      



Additionally, the magazine has a total of one million social audiences. With the high number of social audiences, the magazine provides a vital platform for advertisement through the social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram pages that are run by the magazine. To add on, the magazine has a median age of 39 years old ( Badgaiyan, & Verma, 2015). The median age of 39 means that the majority of the audiences are active young people who have a higher purchasing power and who will contribute positively towards the company’s goal of generating high revenues.

The magazine also provides two options, the full run and market place section. Our company therefore is given two options to choose from. The two options will be able to favor our company depending on the financial capability our company is currently in and the time period the company would love to run the advertisement in the magazine. Another important aspect is that the magazine’s audience was able to spend up to $7.4 billion in outdoor travels only in the year 2016 (Backpacker Media Kit, 2018). The spending by the magazine’s audience shows that the consumers of the magazine have a high spending capability which is highly required by the clothing company.






Ultimately, it is quite evident that in order to gain a good market for the new clothing, good investment in good advertisement is necessary. As discussed above, we are presented with the options of advertising in two magazines.  We need to advertise in the two magazines in order to be relevant in our advertisements.  The two magazines deal with outdoor enthusiasts of camping, hunting, and fishing. Additionally, the magazines have a high number of consumer audiences, both digital and social, who are necessary for creating a good market base for the outdoor clothing created by the newly purchased company. Creation of a good market base means that there will be a high number of consumers of the products that are manufactured by newly purchased industry. OutdoorLife is on sale four times per year at a rate base of 500,000, which means that the circulation equals 2 million, and this number is sufficient for us. Additionally, Backpacker’s circulation is high as it publishes once per month, nine times a year, and the rate base is 315,000, which makes the annual circulation equal to 2.835 million. Both the magazines also have digital and social platforms that can be used for advertisement. Therefore, we should make use of the two magazines for our advertisement purposes since they have proven to be providing good advertisement opportunities required by the company.





  1. We should use the two magazines for advertising the new outdoor clothing that are manufactured by the recently purchased industry
  2. Backpacker has a high annual circulation rate of 2.835 million which is higher than that of OutdoorLife which is at 2 million. Therefore, more money reversed for advertisement purposes should be spent on Backpacker.
  3. When advertising in Backpacker, the company should make use of the market place section rather than the full run section. The market place section is much cheaper than the full run section which will enable the company save a lot of money on advertisements.


























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