Research Assignment 1

For this assignment, I will explore the topic of Containment and the set of policies that accompanied this declaration in the year 1947 under President Truman’s administration. I will begin by seeking to understand the foundations of the theory as developed by George Kenner. According to The Long Telegram, which is a primary source, this program endeavored to put a brake on the cold war from developing into something worse. Kenner advocated for a series of strategies that would put a hold to the rising communism by the Soviets.

Additionally, I will seek to find out the relationship between containment and the Truman Doctrine. The speech by the president would be a critical addition of the primary source and would help me understand how lending a hand to Greek and Turkey was vital to national security and the protection of the freedoms of the United States. The journal by Adam Star on the interpretation of the containment concept also offers a lot of insight on the extent of the application of the foreign policy by Truman’s administration. I also hope to uncover the Rio Pact and its purpose as regards the containment theory. It is imperative that I understand what the Truman administration hoped to achieve through the launch of that declarative that sought to unify all the defenses of all American states. The secondary source by Bruno Gomes sheds light on the US policies on southern America and the effects it had in holding the Soviets at bay. Also, the book by Mark Brynes, “The Truman Years” is critical in understanding how the Marshall Plan solved the economic troubles during the period. Through this valuable addition, I will seek to understand the general advantages of containment to Truman’s administration and, its contributions to modern American History.