Research Design Discussion Board

Research Design Discussion Board

The supervisor’s statement may be based on speculation that when people are fired, those that remain will increase their productivity. It makes the statement a theory as the supervisor assumes that such a strategy will work because of the repercussions for those who are affected. It could also be that the supervisor has used the strategy to address a similar issue in the past and it worked. Then such a situation would make the statement a fact. Developing a study for the issue of low productivity would employ the use of a survey that would incorporate both the qualitative and quantitative aspects. Taking a mixed methods approach would ensure that the participants provide statistics that directly touch on the problem while giving room for personal feelings and opinions on what the participants feel about their working environment and any challenges that may limit their productivity.

As — identifies in his video, the theoretical framework on any study will depend on whether the study is to prove a specific theory or to incorporate the theory in the study. The current research involves proving the supervisor’s theory meaning that it will be founded on the current theory. It would also be necessary to include the theoretical framework because the study is established on proving a particular theory. A theoretical framework would provide a summarized and simpler view of what the research is focusing on.

The study is to take place in my place of work which means that I represent one of the participants who need to take part in the research. I may not be the best participant as I may be biased in the responses I provide. It would be ethical if I do not engage in the study at a participant level. Another barrier in the study would be the supervisors assumed theory that productivity would increase with disciplinary measures in place. He or she may what a direct implementation of these measures instead of engaging in a study to find the root cause to the problem. As the psychologist to the organization, I would need to convince the supervisor that such a move would only help in solving the symptoms and not the root cause of the problem meaning that it would likely occur again in the future.

One of the strategies in the collection of data would be the asking of questions and engaging in dialogue. It would present the best opportunity to identify the participants’ feelings about the issue under study. It is so because the researcher can identify non-verbal cues like facial expressions that would help in explaining the participants’ responses. The decision to conduct a survey in the organization is supported by the many advantages of this type of research. These include how easy it is to administer and that it takes less time which would be convenient for the company. It can consist of numerous making it possible to collect data on a variety of variables. However, the methodology has various disadvantages including the fear of participants to be viewed as unfavorable, lower validity levels for those that use closed questions the provision of unclear results as some could be interpreted in many ways. Some of the research biases may include selection bias where the research may opt for participants that will produce desired results. Even with the probability of biases and other hindrances to the study, the likelihood of making assumptions and judgments increases. It is necessary that those involved get as much information concerning the organizational issue to develop a clear understanding of what it entails. Enough knowledge would mean that those involved understand the importance of identifying facts attached to the problem before making any assumptions.

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