Research Memo-Technology and Laziness

Research Memo-Technology and Laziness




Date: 10/29/2017

Re: Research Memo-Technology and Laziness



The growth of technology comes with many beneficial factors that the society enjoys. For example, the concept of the autonomous car is bound to increase the efficiency and convenience of traveling. Additionally, since the vehicles do not require a person to operate them, the development of the technology is also bound to enhance the relationships between people by allowing them to spend more time together. However, the growth of technology also presents various challenges that require urgent resolution. The issue of laziness is most potent, especially now that every technology aims at eliminating human input. As a result, there is a threat of people becoming idle and lazy as technological inventions do their work. However, a deeper insight into the matter also raises concern over the motivation behind the development of such technologies. Apparently, there are fears that laziness motivates the creation of most inventions as a means of helping humans escape from work.

Types of Sources Found

The sources that the research utilizes are trustworthy and reliable. The first reference that the study cites is the article by Forrest and Konica, from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute journal. The credibility of the article comes from the journal that contains it. Apparently, the journal features articles about technological developments from experts in the field and reputable institutions. The analysis of the automotive cars that the text conducts implies the implications that technology has to laziness.

Another source that the research uses is the article by Vicente. The author analyzes the direct and indirect effects of technology on the contemporary society. The article insinuates the possibility of laziness arising from such technological advances and the irreversible effects that they may have. The article’s analysis of the impact of technology makes it relevant to the research. In fact, the article is the most important source for the study because of its analysis of technology as a broad topic as opposed to concentrating of automotive vehicles alone.


In spite of the progress made in the research, various issues remain unresolved. Firstly, there is a lack of research that provides statistical information regarding the contribution of technology to laziness. Statistics provide numeric values that people can use to create patterns about future expectations. The lack of such past studies that try to quantify the effect of technology on laziness limits the knowledge of the study. Moreover, such information aids in highlighting previous patterns, a factor that may aid in determining the trend of the research topic on past societies, as opposed to concentrating on the contemporary community. Nevertheless, the absence of such information does not stagnate the research process. Instead, it suggests future research endeavors that one can undertake.

Another concern that I had over the study was the impact that it would have on knowledge. However, the problem has been resolved. The study is bound to contribute to knowledge about technological advances and health. Moreover, it is bound to initiate the philosophical questions that either challenge or defend the motivation of technological advancement to determine if one ought to attribute any of the developments to laziness. Therefore, it essential to ensure that the research processes are free from any flaws and bias that may undermine the results obtained. Otherwise, the study is underway and has not experienced any significant drawbacks that may affect the final outcome.

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