Research on Impacts of urban Planning on Socio-economic Developments in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Research on Impacts of urban Planning on Socio-economic Developments in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil


Brazil is regarded as one of the best country in sporting activities. To make them more exciting and center for everyone, planning in both rural and urban begun but mostly latter has been considered. This research project involves investigating the impacts of urban planning on socio-economic development in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Social and economic factors which have led to the development of this city is the research question to be answered upon the completion of depth analysis of the city’s growth. The investigation takes place in various destinations such as health centers, learning institutions, public and private industries. Moreover, the housing and the situation of the environment will be considered by visiting environmental consultancy.



Urban planning is crucial for every city. It is mostly accelerated by the migration of people to urban centers. For instance, Rio de Janeiro has been characterized by a high number of people coming from different parts of the world. The city has a population ranging from 11.7 million. With this number of people, it is the second largest in the southern side. What are some of the factors that have accelerated its planning, what has made it have such a population together with the reasons for its development? The research involves investigating the impacts of urban planning on socio-economic development in Rio de Janeiro in the year 2019. Furthermore, the city has a variety of attractive centers making it suitable for visitors. For instance, the beaches, sports stadiums. Besides these, the city has plenty of industries which offers job opportunities thus acting as an accelerator for the developments and urban planning.


Because of the increased population and need to improve the level of living standards, Rio de Janeiro need further developments to accommodate such changes. Not only the tourists’ attraction centers but every area need to be well planned and designed to make it interesting apple of everyone’s eyes. The increased number of industries and recreational centers have led to the growth of the shanty towns thus need for further enlargement of the city. Also, the demands of the increasing residents are making the city look undeveloped thereby more to be done on the satisfaction of their daily needs. For this reason, this research project proposal paper focuses on describing the impacts of urban planning on socio-economic development in Rio de Janeiro Brazil’s capital city.


Literature Review

According to the recent report, Rio de Janeiro has an approximation of 6.7M people. This has made it experience tremendous growth of shanty towns. In addition, it is after Sao Paulo in terms of its population together with the development. These dynamics have made an enormous influence on its planning. First, education centers have been developed. From the recent statistics, well urban planning has resulted in too many schools both primary, high and universities. It is recorded that all children have ten ages and above which accounts for ninety-five percent have the opportunity of learning. This vast number has exceeded that of national when their averages are compared.





The planning in urban centers for Rio de Janeiro has also led to the increased water supply. Since the preparation of 2016 towards hosting of World Cup, the city has since been supplied with clean water. As a result of this, ninety percent of the residents have proper access to clean water for domestic purposes. Apart from this, there has been the development of healthcare centers. Due to the excellent plan put across, hospitals have immensely been built to cater to the needs majorly the problems for the increasing population. In this case, children and the elder can access medication in case of an emergency. To children, the access of vaccinations is no longer a problem than before when the planning was not put into consideration.

Apart from the social impacts above, the city has experienced economic expansion because of well-laid panning. For example, it has led to increased industrial sites. The number of industries has amplified because of planning leading to the creation of jobs, therefore, improvement of the peoples’ living standards. The five ports that are coffee exportation and sugar to mention a few have well-created work opportunities for the Rio de Janeiro residents. This has attracted people from other countries leading to its considerable development. Besides, these projects are the leading cause of the increased population, therefore, the need for planning. Also, manufacturing organizations such as pharmaceuticals, for clothes and foods, and furniture have hiked. The effects as mentioned earlier both social and economic have made the city to be recognized globally. For this reason, there is a need for every city to realize its potentials and come up with plans of making it one of the best. By so doing, there will be competition for developments and every country will have great opportunities for achieving their goals.





Various methods will be used to assess the impacts of urban planning on socio-economic developments in different areas in Rio de Janeiro. The research involves the qualitative and quantitative approach. For this reason, the following method will be suitable for this project.

Observational approach

Because of the past picture and the current situation, this method will bring out the difference so far achieved when urban planning took another direction than before. Upon the comparison, there will be clear data showing how much has been done and the benefits gained either social or economic. Sporting stadiums, industrial sites both manufacturing and processing, housing improvements, and the environmental situation will be observed, and the difference since the technology took its phase begun noted down. By so doing, urban planning effects on socio-economic developments will be visible and differentiable from the odd days. Here, different personnel says a group of ten people will participate in taking data thereby making the research a successful.


Rationale and Importance of the Observational Approach

The motives behind this approach in this research project are because it will give a clear image of what has been done and what needs to be done. Besides, it will come up with both qualitative and quantitative data. Also, different areas in Rio de Janeiro will be explored extensively and intensively thereby more information concerning the impacts on socio-economic developments realized. Moreover, this method will give answers to the research questions because of the different parts to be visited and discovered. Besides, the hypothesis of the research is the absence of factors affecting urban planning on socio-economic developments in Rio de Janeiro will be researched into detail in the collected data. It will then be commented either positively or negatively. Positive results will conform while negative results will disconform the hypothesis of the research project.


In summary, the observation method will be the most suitable approach to be employed in this research project as per the information given above. Due to the significant improvement in people living standards and high pressing demands, the city leaders must come with speedy resolutions of planning the exterior part of it. Through this, the city will attract more foreigners and also industries will be located in such areas, therefore, reducing congestion in the interior. For this reason, the city must be well planned to accommodate the increasing population and be in an excellent position to compete with other developed countries. Apart from the impacts described above, more of them will be accrued on socio-economic developments. This research data will be helpful to upcoming generations because loophole will have been known hence very easy to improve on what is required.




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