Research Paper on Terrorism


The research topic in the proposal in the research is on terrorism. This research is attributed to the fact that they are have been an increased number of terrorist attacks in our local and foreign environments of the globe. The move to research on terrorism is attributed by the fact it has proven to be a threatening activity to human security.  Before researching on terrorism, I obtained an okay from the data bank of tourism and counterterrorism center.

The research topic will focus on the impacts of academic research reports on terrorism and the knowledge of terrorism being countered in societies. The research paper will further concentrate on how this ever-evolving issue of concern would be addressed in the future and also how measures in regards to countering terrorism in are faring on our societies. Terrorism as discussed in criminology and law in our modern times. The research on countering terrorism is appropriate on the intelligence of counter-terrorism among communities to enhance connectivity between research and terrorism

Statement of the problem

The most prevalent issue in the research proposal is whether there is any disconnect that exists between the research reports and analysis of terrorism and intelligence level of countering terrorism in communities. The statement of problem aims at the acknowledgment of the program that has to be examined and assessed in the research accordingly so that appropriate findings can be concluded in the long run in the research project as demonstrated by Jackson, (2018).

Purpose of the Study

The primary objective behind researching terrorism specifically to identify the disconnect existing between the academic research and terrorism and intellectual capacity of countering terrorism in communities. The research aims at coming out with recommendations that will enable communities to combat terrorism soon. The rationale behind researching terrorism. According to Combs& Cynthia, (2017), the research has to identify the extent to which academic research disconnect from terrorism.

Research questions

The findings in the research have to be elaborate and definite in the answering of issues related to terrorism. The results should be able to answer the following questions:

Q1.What methods and policies can be incorporated into counter ring terrorism?

Q2.What are the international law standards we uphold human rights by enhancing counterterrorism frameworks?

Q3.How are terrorist groups created in our societies?

Q4. What are the chances of tourism being used for certain political forces in a particular country for individual benefits?

Study significance

The research will be vital as it will enable us to identify the correlation between academic research on terrorism and the disconnect that exists alongside counter-terrorism knowledge in various societies. This will allow us to determine how terrorist groups are formed and how they carry out their activities. The research is also crucial as it provides the policies and measures adopted by the government toward countering terrorism in the country (Laqueur, 2017).


Terrorism has adversely affected the globe in current times. It is considered as one of the major disasters that occur daily due to its adverse effects as scores of people are injured and several killed in cold blood. An example of terrorist attacks is that the New Zealand mosque attack which left scores of people dead. Thus, there has to be an organ to formulate policies which are aimed at countering terrorism. All along the research provides the relationship between academic research and terrorism and being the intelligence used in counterterrorism.



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