Research Proposal for Paper 5

Research Proposal for Paper 5


My topic for the proposed study is “Tobacco production and sale should be made illegal.” I came up with this topic after careful observation of the increasing rates of consumption of tobacco especially among the young generation. Days are past when tobacco was refered to ‘the thing of old folks”. Todate this ‘thing’ has turned up to be for all ages. Two thirds of my friends are tobacco users, and 3  of them are a serious addict. ‘Research indicates that 3 out of every ten people in the world are tobacco users’ (Iglesias, 244). While brainstorming and investigating various causes of cancer and types, I came to discover that tobacco is a prime cause of various types of cancer including throat cancer, mouth cancer lung cancer. I tried to imagine how many deaths and suffering this substance will have caused if at all no action is taken to illegalize it, pushing me to come up with the topic. My study question for the study will be: Should tobacco production and sale be made illegal?


Tobacco is one of the prime causes of death in the world.’Smoking causes about 5.5 million deaths every year’ (Joossens, 232). It’s a preventable cause of death that has greatly reduced the life expectancy of the world populations due to increased rates of early deaths. This mostly affects female smokers compared to male smokers as it reduces their life span on average of 14.5years while that of the male is reduced by 13.5 years.While most smokers know this effects even better, they usually display a don’t care attitude.’Every cigarette smoked  shortens the life of the smoker by 11 minutes’

Smoking causes cancer-Smoking leads to more than six types of cancer including kidney cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the larynx, cancer of esophagus,bladder cancer, mouth cancer among others. Lung cancer which is the common type of cancer which has taken millions of lives is 90% caused by smoking.

Tobacco  also  increases the chances of infertility in women and erectile disfunction in men. Consumption of tobacco especialy for a long period interferes with the female body’s ability to create oesstrogen due to the nicotine and other chemicals present in tobacco. ‘It also interferes  with uterine myomentrium,uterine blood flow and folliculogenesis’ (Stead, 25).In the male, it leads to narrowing of blood vessels supplying bood to penis interering with an erection.

Furthermore, tobacco leads to other cognitive dysfunction due to increased chances of alzehimers desease, negative social and behavioural effects and psychological effects related to stress. Cleft lip and Cleft Palate as well as hip fractures  due to weaening of bones is also associated with smoking.


However,  tobacco production and sale also has its positive side.Tobbaco is a source of revenue to government both domestic and foreign exchange through imports.Due to its healt effects and wide consumption, its highly taxted earning country large amounts of revenue that is used for economic growth. ‘Each year a sales of up to 6.5 trilion cigarates are sold in varios parts of the world’ (Iglesias, 245).Tobacco production and sale also acts as a source of employment  for a largegroup of the population that is employed in factories,farms and small scale farmers. Although not scientifically proven, tobacco smokers claim that tobacco helps to relief stress.


Though tobacco  production has some benefits to the economy interms of revenue and employment, its negative side outweighs  the positive  side and therefore it should be made illegal.This will help reduce the increasing number of deaths especialy from cardiovascular deseases and cancer and other adverse effects.The study will include thorough analysis and evaluation of the past studies about the topic as well as data from the ministry of health, government documentaries and other fundamental secondary sources. Interviews and questionnaires will also be used to get first hand information about the issue.The conclusion from the data analysis will be based on the research  question


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