Research Simulation Part 2: Applying Qualitative Design

Research Simulation Part 2: Applying Qualitative Design


For this simulation, assume you will use a qualitative design using a case study approach

As you have learned, researchers bring their perspectives to their studies. For example, when the general topic of interest is “aggression in young children,” a developmental psychologist may focus on the differences in cognitive development between more and less aggressive children. An early childhood researcher who looks at aggression from a feminist point of view might want to find out the roots of gender differences in childhood aggression. An early childhood teacher might be most interested in learning more about ways to reduce childhood aggression through different daily routines in preschool environments. You see from these examples that there are many different and valid starting points for research studies.

For this research simulation, identify your perspective, i.e., identify from which position you will start this qualitative study: from the position as a child activist, an early childhood teacher, a developmental specialist, an early childhood teacher, a feminist, a combination of these, or from another professional starting point.

“The perspective selected determines the nature of the research design as well as the levels of deta

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