Response on Native Rights

The issues of sovereignty are evident across various states whereby initial nations cannot take over the operations and functionalities of a particular country without seeking the relevant action. Sovereignty, therefore, turns to limit and provide power to various states inclusive of full regulation of effectively and restrict the influence that other countries have on each other This is evident in there grave dispute evidence when the United States of America registration audit for the native Americans to go back to tribes and turn for 20 years. However, these controversial claims shook the existing sovereign relationships between the Native American societies under scientific societies (267).  Sovereignty existing between America and Canada is an excellent example of a predicament that took place between nations that respect the latter by not interfering into actual sticking by the various countries.

The cultural assimilation of Native Americans was a move taken by the American government towards changing the culture of Indian Americans to European American culture. The diplomats in the United States of America related legislated a policy which motivated the civilization of the Indians to European American culture in 1874 (84). The United States of America formulated policies where am it stated that the Indian natives adopt the land norms and values of the United States of America. The government succeeded in the effective assimilation by establishing Native American schools where the children of Indians were required to study the American traditions, language and speaking English fluently. This was key toward the assimilation of the Native Indians. More so doing the American government was able to forceful assimilate Indians into the American traditions and culture (59). In the American history, the prevailing culture of American colonizers forced the American Indian culture and traditions on cultural colonizers thus resorted info racism and segregation into assimilating the American Indians and make Indians adopt the white man’s culture and standards the American. Indians who showed no signs of accepting these were treated as savages and the white colonizers viewed this as Indians being a challenge toward the control of newly discovered resources and land in the nation. The white colonizers also applied ethnic cleansing to forcefully assimilate the American Indians through invading the private places owned by the Native Indians by use of violence and seizing their resources. According to history, an estimate of 140 million American Indians was decimated by the white colonizers

The Indian natives were assimilated into American history through requests of people who lived to the Indian people. These people perceived that the welfare of Indian people setup was not according to the normality of our society in the United States of America they merged to form protestant groups and proposed to the government to indulge into the affair. The government then set up institutions to cater for the Indians. This resulted in being taught missionaries act, language and American culture hence being assimilated into American history and tradition. American Indian culture persistence is a description of how Europeans uphold their culture.

The move by Indian-American natives being persistent to the culture is based on the resistance to various customs and practices that were inflicted to them by the outsides dominant society. The American Indians also came up with creative reformations that were peculiar to the real inhabitants of the United States of America thus depicting persistence to culture.


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