Response to Colleague

Other than the various ways mentioned regarding becoming a good leader and managing team members for efficient work, implementing performance-oriented hiring, work, and compensation will also be significant. Performance-oriented recruitment is the scenario where the recruiting team prioritizes the work experience and efficiency of the interviewees instead of concentrating on the papers they present during the interview. Most people who start at low levels of educational qualifications lack eye-catching resumes, yet they hold loads of experience having worked themselves up the professional ladder. Secondly, starting from lower ranks usually involves doing more practicals than paperwork. These categories of people often accustom quickly to various work situations because they are used to encountering and solving work-related problems. Therefore, considering paper qualifications alone during hiring may deny the recruiting team the opportunity of identifying experienced and efficient workers with lower academic requirements.

Performance-oriented work regards working with a common preset standard and target. Creativity, innovation, and diversity are all significant in administration or management but only when properly managed. Having a diverse, creative team may at times lead the team to veer of the initial mandate of the company. Preventing such situations from happening will need a team that is always committed to achieving the preset objectives and thereby channels all innovations and creativity towards those specified goals. This case will always ensure that the company or organization is on track and achieves its purpose. Finally, performance-oriented compensation regards rewarding employees or team members depending on their contribution to the accomplished work. This technique is always critical when the leader wants to ensure everybody contributes to the tasks provided to the best of their knowledge and ability. It also eliminates cases of lazy employees hiding behind their colleagues’ success and enjoying large compensations that they did not toil.

I once worked in a bakery where employees worked like robots. That is, the company management did not allow anyone to alter the modes of operation that they found working for the company. This condition by the administration meant that we kept producing the same brands and flavors of cakes every day. Most employees quit their jobs claiming that it did not offer them growth or opportunity to exercise their creativity and innovative skills. The management also wondered why their sales were reducing daily and turned the anger to the workers accusing us of underperforming. I did not have the liberty of quitting like the other employees because I was an intern and that opportunity was very dear to me. Therefore, I gathered courage, approached the management and told them my opinion that the sales kept reducing because we were not offering our customers satisfactory services and products. I then suggested that they allow suggestions from employees on how to improve both the commodities and quality of service. Luckily, they took my piece of advice and business started booming within no time.

This experience relates directly to my colleague’s listed plan because it proves that lack of innovation, creativity, and freedom expression among diverse employees will not only dissatisfy the employees but also affect the overall business performance. Leaders need to set their team members free and consider their views occasionally. Finally, I have gained a very critical insight regarding team selection that it should consist of people with different abilities or expertise. This quality ensures that the team looks at every aspect of the problem they tackle. I plan to use this technique whenever I am tasked with any role at my workplace that will require teamwork and I believe it will yield excellent results.

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