Response to DQ1

Aging is a situation whereby the body undergoes some changes in the aspects of physicality, psychologically and even social. One of the characteristics of aging is that physically the skin begins to become thinner by the slowing down of the turnover rate. This causes their face and body to have wrinkles where the skin shrugs, falls and piles over each other. The blood vessels begin to lose their elasticity and tend to become weaker each day. Mentally the older people tend to forget things faster and need to be reminded time and again what they were told. Loss of eyesight and hearing is also another characteristic of the aging process(Harman, 2016).

Elder abuse is the situation where the aging people face torture or abuse from the people they live around with due to their old age and vulnerability. One of the characteristics of aging is that their bodies become weak and they are not able to do many tasks by themselves. Due to this they might become nagging and lead to them be abused by the people who they keep asking for favors all the time. Another characteristic that can lead to elder abuse is that of memory loose. This is whereby individuals around the aging people may think they are pretending not to remember anything hence leading to them being neglected.

A geriatric patient is an older person who has an overall impairment and mostly suffering from chronic diseases. Nurses should, therefore, take specific considerations when handling these patients as compared to their younger counterparts. One of the considerations they should take is that of giving them more time during their care to be able to fully understand the type of conditions they are suffering from(Harman, 2016). They should also strive to keep them happy and joyous as opposed to the middle-aged adults who only prefer the medications without further interference with the caregivers.




Harman, D. (2016). The aging process. Proceedings of the National Academy of     Sciences78(11), 7124-7128.

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