Response to Prompt 1

The relationship between the narrator and his wife is defined as that of isolation. The reason behind the separation is majorly due to the husband feeling not being a complete man whereby he works in conditions that do not allow him to love other people. The narrator is possessive and jealous of his wife as he feels irritated when he notices the friendship between the blind man- Robert and his wife. Bitterness is evident in the relationship between the narrator and his wife. The traits result in the wife drinking due to her feelings towards the state for their relationship.

After the spiritual experience of Robber-the blind man visiting the narrator and his wife, there will no change at all. The narrator and Robert share a spiritual experience, and the narrator learns that his wife worked with Robert in the earlier days. The friendship between Robert and the wife to the narrator makes the narrator feel insecure with his wife thus worsening their relationship. Isolation and bitterness will still prevail in the relationship (Carver, 2015). The narrator gets more envious over the relationship between Robert and his wife. He is doubtful of the former relationship which makes him insecure over his wife.

Robert’s lack of vision is a symbolism used by the narrator to show that the blind man sees beyond any other character in the story. Irony has been depicted by Robert's blindness whereby Robert though blind can attach to the emotions of other characters as he could relate with the feelings in both the narrator and his wife by showing empathy to them while the narrator cannot understand other characters’ emotions.

Response to Prompt 2

The quilts in the story by Alice Walker develop to be a center of family pressures on its heritage and the best way to incorporate the heritage. The quilts in the account belonged to the family and were made by Dee’s grandmother and Maggie. When Maggie’s mother wants to hand over the quilts to Maggie, she puts conditions on them that the quilts should be used daily, memorialized and used be used to enhance beauty. The quilts indicate the life existence of the family existence; thus, when the quilts are used and made when they distort in any manner reflect respect to the family legacy. Maggie did this and built the family heritage. Putting the quilts into use daily meant that oneactually honors the family heritage Gale,2015)

Dee does not uphold the family heritage while Maggie honors the legacy of the family and is determined to ensure the continuity of the family. The response to handling the quilts in the family is an indication of one's attitude towards the family heritage. Maggie uses the quilts daily. She thus respects and is loyalto the family heritage while Dee has a negative attitude towards the quilts and can do without the quilts. She, therefore, is not interested in building the family heritage. Dee is ready to do away with the quilts and prefers the quilts be hung on the wall for preservation purposes instead of the quilts to be used daily the way Maggielearned how to make them from her grandmother uses the quilts every day. Maggie learns on how to make her quilts and is thus makes the quilts when they wear out thus sustaining the family heritage



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