Responses to Discussion Posts

Response to Post 1

The U.S intelligence community plays a crucial role in ensuring that Americans are safe from both internal and external dangers. Although the intelligence community was not established for protecting civilians from any forms of terrorism, it does not mean that only one agency is mandated with the role of fighting the internal and external attackers. The other agencies can take part in the counter-terrorism measures though not their designated positions in the U.S intelligence community (Richelson, 2018).

However, it is not wise for all agencies to unite together in the essence of countering terrorism. This is because if all agencies come together with the sole purpose of fighting attackers, other sectors will be vulnerable to lawbreakers. Such an instance is the Drug Enforcement Agency; if the agency joins other agencies to counter terrorism, drug dealers will use the opportunity to smuggle drugs. The CIA plays avital role in the detective work thus collecting the necessary data that may concern then the intervention of the U.S intelligence community.

Response to Post 2

The Department of Homeland Security has been an essential player in tightening the security all over the country throughitsagencies such as the FBI and CIA. However, the Department of Homeland securities has been experiencing communication mishaps which have led to terrorist cases being reported (White, 2016). However, the solution to the communication mishaps is to centralize the operations of the Depart of Homeland security in the white house where there will never be errors in communication channels White house also contains several functional elements to enhances the intelligence community affairs. It is thus essential for The DHS to centralize its operations in the white house rather than reporting daily to the same house. This will also help in restoring the confidence of Americans towards the fight against terrorism.



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