Responses to Week 9

Discussion 9 response

I concur with the sentiments that in management there are different levels through which people perform different functions. The highest level of management is known as the strategic level. This is the level at which all the significant decisions of the company are made and is responsible for maintaining the company’s position in the competitive market.It is composed of the top level individuals like the CEO, chairman and the board of directors. Examples of decisions they make include whether the company will expand or the number of units they are to produce at a given time.

The managerial level is the second level of management. I agree that this is the level that deals with short term operations and activities in a company. The middle-level managers and the supervisors are the ones responsible for making sure that these short term activities are done. This is also the level of management that integrates all the departments of the company to achieve the company’s short term goals and mission.

Lastly is the operational level of management. This is the lowest level of management that deals with the day to day activities and planning. Mostly the people involved at this level are the employees of the company who include both the skilled and non-skilled laborers. I also concur with the statement that this is also the level that the decisions on how the final products will be produced are made. The supervisors bring together the different teams to make sure that the objectives are achieved at this level.




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Discussion two Response

I agree that the management hierarchy is made up of three levels namely the top level, middle level, and the low level. These levels are also known as the strategic, managerial and the operational level respectively. The strategic level consists of the top most managers of the organizations. These are the individuals that are involved in the major decision making in the company(Sophie, 2018). At this level, the setting of specific strategies and organizational goals, knowing the industry trends and standards, analyzing the impacts and growth of the business among others are made.

The second level of management is known as the managerial level or the middle level. I also agree that it is at this level that the employees get to follow the instructions from their supervisors and managers on how to run the business. All the strategies formulated by the top level managers are implemented here. It is also at this level where they pass the set strategies to the levels below them.The primary mission of the business is growth and development which is achieved by the proper and efficient working of employees respective to their departments.

Lastly, the operational level is the lower level in the management hierarchy. This is the level where all the immediate and short term works of an organization are performed(Zach, 2018). I agree that at this level the middle-level managers are tied together with the actual workers. This is because they are the ones who give orders to the workers and assign them different activities to perform at a daily level.



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