Review of The effects of using Video Modeling to Toilet Train a Child with Autism

Review of The effects of using Video Modeling to Toilet Train a Child with Autism

Introduction- Problem, Significance, & important research findings

Video based models have successfully been implemented in toilet training children with autism. Past studies have found that children with autism suffer from slow development in terms of attaining necessary life skills. The acquisition of toileting techniques is one of the areas in which children with autism experience slow development. Autistic children continue to face challenges in attaining independent toileting thus requiring services of caregivers. This development has resulted in negative personal hygiene as well as physical discomforts and reduced levels of self-esteem among the autistic children. In a bid to solve the problem, various concepts geared towards the solution of the problem have been floated. Although the problem of toileting challenges has been explored in subsequent studies, concrete results have not been identified (Drysdale et al., 2014). Additionally, most of the studies are focused on addressing the attainment of these techniques with no focus on the eradication of the real problem. Consequently, the problem presents numerous challenges to the affected students as they cannot partake in education effectively.

Today, video modeling is one of the most applied methods of training children with autism how to use the toilet. However, the results have not been encouraging as far as improvements are concerned. Some children with autism face delayed toileting acquisitions with others never attaining the skill (Lee et al., 2014). This scenario has raised concern on the effectiveness of video modeling in the toilet training of children with autism. The problem is highly significant in understanding the issues that children with autism face. In addition, the results of this study will contribute to the improvement of the education potential of these children as they can comfortably attend classes. This review paper is thus important in pointing out the existing problem and identifying the applicability of the proposed solutions. The identification of the problem and the eventual solution is significant as it will help in bettering the lives of thousands of students with autism. By effectively highlighting the effectiveness of video modeling techniques, the paper presents an opportunity for the enhancement of educational standards among children with autism.



The purpose of this review study is to describe and analyze research findings of using video-based toilet training techniques for children with autism. The review aims to propose educational implications for both parents and teachers regarding the problem and its solution. This review paper is purposed towards ascertaining whether video modeling can be used in toilet training children with autism. Consequently, the main purpose of the review paper is to gauge the effectiveness of video modeling in its application to toilet train children with autism. The paper will further review the effects that video modeling has while toilet training children with Autism. This will be done by evaluating an intervention package, which is designed to teach toileting skills to children with ASD. The video-modeling will utilize prompting, animation and reinforcement procedures. The different needs of children with autism will be explored before analyzing how video modeling can meet these needs.

In meeting its purpose, the paper will specifically explore findings from past studies on the subject. In particular, the paper will describe specific research findings pertaining to the topic under analysis. Among the findings that are going to be discussed is the one documented findings by Drysdale et al. (2015), which assesses the effect of video modeling on two boys diagnosed with ASD, and their quest to increase independent toileting skills. The subject of autism will be analyzed in detail with respect to the effectiveness of video modeling in toilet training. In particular, the paper shall explore the specific effects of video modeling on toilet training of autistic children. Eventually, the review paper will come up with recommendations on how the concept can best be used in toilet training. The paper anticipates to contribute to the literature available with regards to autism in children and the effectiveness of video-based toilet training.


Research Questions

The review study will be guided by two research questions related to the subject under investigation. The selection of these research questions is based on their relevance to the subject under discussion and the frequency in past studies. Consequently, the research questions are important as they form the backbone of the study including the determination of the methodology in use. This paper purposes to answer the research questions in a detailed fashion by evaluating the findings from past literature. A comparison, evaluation, and description of the different research papers under review will be conducted in line with the research questions. The aim of this study is to, therefore, answer the following research questions:

  • Can video modeling be used to toilet train a child with autism?
  • What are the effects of video modeling on toilet training a child with Autism?


Description, Comparison, and Evaluation

Article Descriptions

All the articles are focused on the subject of toilet training among children with autism. The nature of these studies is based on the need to solve the challenges faced by the children and help in improving the learning process. Lee et al., (2014) explore the possibility of using video modeling in toilet training children with autism. The article is an experiment of the effects of an instructional package that uses incorporates the use of custom designed video models. The set up is tested for its effective in incorporating reinforcements and picture prompts to train a 4-year old child with autism on how to use the toilet. First, the study identifies six aspects of toileting including walking to the toilet, undressing, sitting on the toilet, elimination in

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