A Review of Kindred the Family Soul

Kindred the Family Soul is an R n B musical duo, comprised of the married couple Aja Graydon and Fatin dantzler. They were discovered when they were performing at the Black Lily Film and Musical Century but had first emerged from the Turn Of The Century Philadelphia Neo Soul Movement

They began their music career as solo artists and even though they began singing together at the start of their relationship, family life and marriage had pushed them to minimize their musical careers in pursuit of finding a source of additional stable musical income.After revertingto performing, they signed to Scott’s Hidden Beach Recordings label and released their debut album Surrender to Love(2003) which featured successes like Stars and Far Away.

Kindred’s follow-up releases included In This Life Together (2005) which featured the single Where Would I Be (The Question) and painted an unapologetically autobiographical picture of their life together. Other albums credited to them include The Arrival on Hidden Beach (2008) and their latest album Love Has NoRecession (2011), analbumthat was intended to be a social mirror. It featured the lead single Magic Happenand peaked at No. 90 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Kindred the Family Soul boast of a strong stage presence and the approachin which they interact with the audience is a joy to watch. In their live performance, the chemistry and connection between them can always be felt. Their love is apparent and infectious to the audience which leads to an incredible experience. In their performance one will love their aura, their stage presence and the love that exudes when they perform. Their energy and stage presence is immaculate. They know how to interact with the audience through each and every song. They are a demonstration of true love in all its glory and essence. Their chemistry is indeed a joy to watch.

In spite of their usually interactive manner in stage with the audience, they remain professional in their demeanor and performance both with each other and with the audience, and they always give their best. Together with their Talented back up band who use instruments make every live performance a memory to cherish and leaves one with the longing to hear more from them.Kindred the Family Soul is, by far, one of the best bands. They are a beautiful and entertaining couple.



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