Review of “Get Out”

The movie, “Get Out” is a horror story about race in America. The director of this movie, Jordan Peele uses racial twist and satirical edge to convey the story. The movie is about the unsettling feeling when you realize perhaps you do not belong somewhere. In the movie, a young black man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) plays the role of a boyfriend to a beautiful young white woman, Rose (Allison Williams). A visit to meet Rose’s parents (Dean and Missy) is uncomfortable for Chris since he is black and they are wealthy whites. It is the first time that Chris will meet his girlfriend’s parents. Although Chris is worried that Rose’s parents might be racists, he is disturbed to realize that the liberal family has black servants. Chris is further uncomfortable by visitors who make racial comments.

Jordan Peele takes the plot of the movie for a major suspension of disbelief. The director combines the interaction of causal and natural family to create a constant sense of unease. The movie makes you uncomfortable especially when you have no idea about the storyline. Peele’s satire targets liberal white people. There is a difference even when you swear to portray equal treatment on people since both a black and white person have different experiences.

Additionally, Jordan Peele shows confidence and talent in filmmaking through his outstanding work with actors. This is portrayed by the leading role of Kaluuya and the sinister works by Whitford and Keener. The director knows exactly the roles the actors should play, and with each passing minute, there is always quite exceptional performance. Lastly, “Get Out” is a movie that keeps us on edge from the opening to the final scene.

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