Review of Rivers and Tides

In the film, Andy Goldsworthy creates sculptures from the ordinary things that he finds around him. He uses things like ice, snow, plant straws, and twigs, to create impressions that are unique and also amazing. In his creation, he seems to be focused on the simple idea of one being fascinated with the Earth and the various things that exist in It. He seems to present the idea of how one can be attracted with the simple things around him and how one can discover these things. The film seems to evaluate the importance of art-making as a reflecting of an influence on the cultural beliefs and attitudes towards the earth in general and the relationships with the environment.

In one of the scene, Goldsworthy says that for him art is like nourishment. Therefore, the idea that he has is that he was so attached to making art that he does not merely take it just as a way of having fun but rather as a way to get away the pressure of daily living. The idea that he has a deep fascination with his artwork is how he getsia, and within a short time, he starts making some magnificent unique sculptures (Riedelsheimer 2011). He seems to desire to present something out of an environment that he encounters and also focuses on giving this information in his artwork.

His artwork also presents a link between his religious beliefs and the connection to the environment. In one of his artworks, he says that the thing that brought it to life is the same that will bring its death. In this case, one can see the spiritual insight that seems to emerge from his artwork. Therefore, for him, the art that he makes is not only focused on trying to create something but also present his conviction and beliefs about the world. He takes much time to build his sculptures, and when the sun illuminates the sculpture he tends to get the sense of how the society moves from one step to the other (Riedelsheimer 2011). That is today one might be alive then tomorrow they are no more. So his idea and conceptualization are that as these things happen, there is a way that one can use art to present them. That is through art one can show how life changes. Therefore, his art speaks about his religious beliefs on a matter of life and death.

Besides, through the process of making his artwork, he seems to present the idea that nothing is lost. His view is not solemnly on the success of the art but rather the process of making the art. In one of the scene, he makes some art but almost at the end the wind blows and throws it off to the ground. One would expect that he could have felt depressed. However, this does not seem to be the case. After creating the work, he thinks that the most important thing is not the eventual art that was created but the feeling that the creation of the skill brought to an individual (Riedelsheimer 2011). So the creative process that one experiences have a lasting impression both to the person and to the universe as a whole. It is such a unique but rather a good way of looking at the works of art.

From his works, one can agree that restrictions are detrimental to the work of art. For Goldsworthy, he is ready to create any art from anything. Therefore the material does not have any limiting factor because the most important thing is to experience the creativity that comes with the creation.

From a personal point of view, the different forms of land art help an individual present their creativity in diverse ways. I do think that it helps to take the creativity of an individual even to a more significant level (Riedelsheimer 2011). It resonates with my belief that art is all about presenting the deep thoughts that an individual have.

The connection between the Carbon Sink and Goldsworthy is the idea that art is a refreshing process. It is almost therapeutic. Through the process of creating art one experiences an inner fulfillment. In nearly all the artwork, people seem to suffer this sense of accomplishment after creating a piece of art. Therefore they all speak to the process and the feeling that it gives an individual rather than the art itself.

If I am required to create some land art, I will seek to establish the presence of the sun rising and how the earth warms up to the rising sun or merely the end of winter. My idea is to represent how nature changes and how these changes are so self-regulated. That at one point there is snow covering the surface, but naturally, the art would change and everything blooms and shines on the glow of the sun. This will be a great way of presenting my conceptualization of the world.




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