Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical analysis according to our course of study that is LLD100A involves the processing of the rhetorical situation, organizing the strategies, which will later explain their contribution to the purpose of the author. In the rhetorical analysis situation, people subdivides the whole article into subsection that will facilitate their understanding. The paragraph created helps in identifying the rhetorical location associated with the entire analysis. Rhetorical analysis helps individual in getting the insight into what the whole situation is all about because it becomes much easier to understand the subsections through the correlation of the events.  Therefore, rhetorical analysis is a nice idea that helps in the coherence of the whole article under consideration.

I am going to discuss an article from the website that was written to explain how people can understand the rhetorical analysis. During the discussion I will be examining the insights of the following subheadings of the article that is, rhetorical situation, analysis of the appeal and strategy and the final conclusion.

As the writer my main aim is to understand the whole content that rhetorical analysis is all about. I will be able to achieve my objective through analyzing the situation and comprehending them in a sequential manner. Also, will wish to understand the author’s strategies and skills that will be influential in analyzing the popularization of the science article and how it has evolved.

During the rhetorical analysis one is to learn on how the various developments have evolved and how they supplement one another. For instance the relationship between the first and second situation are clearly illustrated in the explanation and the example used. Therefore, the article and the examples therein will help in understanding the importance of the rhetorical analysis to both the learner and the author.

Rhetorical situation


According to the current generation and the development of technology we are able to understand the process the food follows before it is ready for consumption. For the food to be ready it has to be harvested from the farm and stored before it’s cooked for people to eat. According to Scott Cannon, he has discussed in his article, “Why You Can’t Sit Dow to Eat without Marking a Statement.”


The article has been discussed in three pages that are very crucial in relation to the discussion. It has got also some supporting information in relation to the whole intended message to be analyzed.


The context of the article is to create some limelight to the whole audience and the world at large to be very careful on what they consume and the process the whole food has to take. Also, the article highlights why it is advisable to discuss the food production process with the audience or the final consumers.  Also the article discusses the environmental and the health concerns that are caused by the usage of the foods processed by different sectors. The article also, discusses the effects that is the health hazards that are associated with the consumption of foods that are not in line with the individual health status. For instance diabetes and cancer that are mostly associated with our life style and how we cook our foods.

Author’s purpose

Scott Canon brings the whole article into our attention in understanding how complex the food choices become and the conflicts that arises in choosing the making of the foods. Also, the political affiliation that is associated with the food production processes. The GMOs food mostly has some health hazards that come with the consumption. Therefore, one has to be careful on how to prepare the meals as well as ht source before consuming or storing for the future use.


The audience of the article was the residents from the Florida state in America who he was addressing on the issues related to the food. The whole population including the children was addressed on how to consume the best meals that are healthy and hygienic.

Audience expectations

The audience was expecting that the article was to provide to them the basis and other sources where they can obtain the meals from, but which was contrary to Scott’s opinion. Most people are used to readily available products for them to consume without sweating, that is why they were highly expecting to be given the meals for them to use in their families.


Rhetorical analysis

According to the article it has an appeal where the message is intended to reach the consumers from far and wide through the rhetorical appeal and the strategies Scott used in his discussion.  When we consider, that Scott makes the effort in covering both side in food controversies that are experienced. Our definitions and the strategies are to be extracted from the following discussions.


It involves the context of going beyond the price tags in order to understand the real cost of the foods in the market in relation to the human rights which might be violated and any form of environmental damages. Scott had to discuss the means and way the consumers make decision using the limited knowledge they have acquired. He advocates that before one makes a decision, he or she should do a lot of research to help in drawing a conclusion. For instance, Scott used the food called granola which most people believes it is all about the health, but in his article he revealed some little facts in relation to the meal that is;

“Most oats in this country are imported — new short-season varieties of more heavily subsidized soybeans have elbowed oats out of acres in the upper Midwest. So if that granola isn’t certified organic, its oats were probably grown in countries with less stringent labor standards and are more likely to carry traces of pesticides outlawed in the U.S.”

The fact raises the issues on how some foods are imported and mostly they are not farm raised. The production alone raises an alarm in relation to the health status of the meal.


In the article Scott draws a number of major conclusions that promotes the good conscience and eating habits to smarter and responsible consuming manners. He also discusses the damages caused globally by the irresponsible food production and the effects it has to the environment at large. On the other hand in his article Canon tries to withdraw the mentality from the consumers that the current foods that are industrially manufacture are safe and environmentally fit for the consumption. He revealed that risks that are associated with the foods and how they can be prevented or avoided by the consumers. Scott inspires the health living that is promoted by the individual consumers to promote their health living. Scott uses the following examples in his discussion that is;

“Half the cut flowers sold in the United States are grown in Colombia, where human-rights groups say farm workers are exposed to dangerous amounts of pesticides,” yet he also says that when offered organic flowers, consumers “say, ‘Why should I care? I don’t eat flowers,’ [because] ‘they just weren’t willing to pay a premium for organic flowers.’”Although his approach is subtle, Canon attempts to change his audience’s values and perspective by showing the harmful repercussions of negligent or just ill-informed consumerism.”


The ethos appeal is an evidence that is mandated at informing the readers about the chain conscience that establishes the authority their in, during their consumption. The appeal is important because it is rarely discussed by most authors since it cover the most sensitive part of an article. In most cases the authority of the food has not been given to him that is why he had to discuss the article sparingly. Scott discusses both the positive and the negative effects of using the food that has been chosen by the relevant sectors. The understanding of the environmental factor that is associated with the food industry has been clearly discussed in all the sectors and departments of the federal government. Finally he had to discuss the impacts of the foods that the audience consumes on a daily basis during their stay in the Florida state.


In conclusion therefore, I believe from the article that Scott had made an effective argument that is able to support his messages on the consumerism that is smart by his audience. The consumers of the meals are the key people that he had to address as the overall objective of his discution on the food production and also processing. Other than the logos appeal Scott as well uses the ethos and pathos appeal to make sure that the intended message has been received and understood well by the audience he was explaining to and the caution to take in case of any risk therein. He had to capture the reader’s conscience through the mind, heat and the entire population so that they can be keen and attentive to the discussions. Therefore, for any discussion the rhetorical analysis should entail the population or those people who are affected one on one by the discussed topic where one has to understand their expectation before making any research and conclusion.

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