Riding a Bicycle

Riding a Bicycle

It is true that first time experiences and encounters are quite memorable. It means, it is quite difficult for individuals to forget some of their first attempt on various matters. In connection to that, I cannot forget my first encounter as a cyclist trainee. I still keep the experience as a story that I can share to motivate my friends on various encounters of their lives. Therefore, the essay explores my experience when I rode a bicycle for the first time by analyzing some key aspects such as the feeling I had and the thoughts I developed as a cyclist trainee.  The paper also seeks to show my audience why the first experience in cyclist is unique enough such that it is in my memory.

What was much special about this particular event?


The first time I rode a bicycle, I felt like I was flying in the sky. I had no idea what I was doing. At first, the experience was weird and unbearable.  In other words, I was frightened like never before. I panicked and fell severally. Anytime I fell I was hurt and felt that riding was not part of my hobby. I kept trying until I got used to the strange situation. In other words, after regular rides, I felt freedom of sensation.  Once I was scared, I lost the concentration such that I forgot that pedaling was part of riding a bicycle. I also forgot to handle the brakes properly to a point I fell on a ditch. I cried in pain, but my friends were there to encourage me and console with me.  I could not hold the pain anymore. I decided to call it a day. The following morning I woke up fully prepared and dressed like a real cyclist. I wore a helmet on my head and knee pads. After I made my first pedal attempt, I discovered that pedaling was much easier than I expected.


The event not only represents freedom for me but also enabled me to establish a foundation on which I could base my existence. Learning how to ride a two-wheeled object was quite fun to me.  It demonstrated a way that can improve my health as a youth. It also taught me the importance of perseverance.  For example, I learned that power and persistence are vital aspects which can help me overcome several challenges in life.  I discovered that life is like cycling. One must maintain a balance. If at a point I fail to balance y undertakings, I will fall. Therefore, I must maintain a balance to keep moving.


why the first experience in cyclist is special enough such that it is in my memory

Riding a bicycle is quite an exciting event. I found it necessary as far as my health status is concerned. Within the first few weeks of cycling, my health had changed positively.  For example, I became healthier both mentally and physically. I was also able to save a lot of money. I could cycle a short distance so that I could save money since my means of transport was available.  Through cycling, I was able to lose stress to embrace a happier life. The experience transformed me especially on how I should perceive different scenarios in life.  I could attempt and perform several scary situations with a lot of determination. Cycling taught me a lot of values. I learned that as a young person I should believe in myself.

What I thought

I thought that cycling could be part of my career in the future. I started thinking of how I was turning to be a better cyclist across the world. I also thought of how proud it could be when I am chosen to represent the nation in a world cyclist marathon. More so, I saw a potential where I was to turn a member of a cyclist tour group that is normally called into the bike. More so, I saw myself venturing into areas that I never thought I would reach. For instance, I would explore the world more easily and cheaply.  I had an idea that I will interact with several cyclists who cycle in areas that are not close to my place or homeland.

How I felt

The first experience as a cyclist transformed my impressions of having fun. I felt happier than any other time in my life. I was unstoppable to the extent that I thought I needed to inform my friends about my cycling adventures. At some point, I could sing to express my joy for having achieved something I thought was somehow impossible to me.  I felt a day should be extended so that I can have moiré time to cycle as it was becoming sweet for me.  I could continuously breathe hard with a lot of troubles once I remembered the scenarios I had undergone before I could balance myself in a bicycle.


Cycling is among the best encounters that I will never forget. It made me realize that with confidence and determination I can face ever kind of a challenge. The experience also opened my mind of becoming a cyclist as part of my profession. More so, through cycling, I was able to improve my health since I was free from stressful matters. Interestingly, I saved a lot of money which I used to spend when traveling by cars.

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