Title                        : RIGHT AT HOME

URL (address)       : https://www.rightathome.net/about-us

Authors                  : Hilary Young and Lorraine Grote Johnson

Funding sources    : Independently Owned and Operated Franchise/Own Funding

The Purpose of the Website

The purpose of the site is to provide quality in-home care for seniors and disabled adults who need some assistance to maintain their independence. In other words, the site is aimed at connecting qualified caregivers to senior citizens and adults with impairments. The site is informative and educative and provides social and medical welfare.

The Credibility of the authors

Hilary Young is a writer dedicated to helping older Americans live healthier, more fulfilling lives. She currently blogs for HuffPost50, Fifty Is The New Fifty and Medical Guardian. You can find her on Twitter as @hyoungcreative.

Lorraine Grote Johnson, RN, BSN, joined Right at Home as Director of Care Quality with three decades of nursing experience working in various departments of a hospital and the in-home care sector.

Why the Site is interesting

The site has a perfect process of matching the client with the most appropriate caregiver and medication. Also, the site has downloadable files on adult services guide. The site is also linked to social media such as Facebook and tweeter where readers can leave comments. Finally, the site has a section for job advertisement.

Personal Reflection

I believe we live in a capitalistic and realistic world where individualism prevails. People tend to take the old and the disabled as liabilities in the sense that most people are busy and hardly have any spare time to provide care for the elderly. For this reason, therefore, I support the services provided by the home although not entirely.



What I Learned from my Review

The site has brought to my attention that there exist homes across the US for the elderly that provide quality care. Furthermore, I have learned about the best process of acquiring a caregiver for a senior. I have also learned about five myths about frozen food.

Personal opinion on the ethical issue (s) that is raised

In my view, I believe the elderly and the elderly with disabilities should be treated with respect and dignity. In my opinion, therefore, such people should be taken care of by their families and relatives. It is somehow humiliating to take your elderly relative to the home of the elderly whatsoever. Is it not like dumping them?