Risks of Implementing a Project

One of the significant risk that may get faced in the course of implementing the project is the occurrence of unforeseen hazards. Project managers and the staff are human and may get sick in the direction of the project. Some weather changes may be unfavorable for the project, and this may delay the running of the project. Besides, the set time may not be in line with the real occurrences in the field. The risk gets solved by planning for any unforeseen circumstance. Being well prepared ensures that the project manager and the staff are well prepared for any unexpected activity.  Use of IT projects may be affected by power loss. The risk is managed by having a back-up power plan.

Another critical risk observed is the lack of proper estimation of time and chance. It is not easy to come up with the right evaluation of time and risks. Project success is measured by ensuring that there is a proper plan outlining the exact time that a specific objective needs to get achieved. Use of experts experience and knowledge helps in determining the right and expected time frame. Application of learning from the experts will help to set the right time for the achievement of the objectives. The issue can also get addressed through prioritizing on the risks. There is a need to have a risk response plan. A track of every threat should be kept to ensure that the project manager will not repeat the same mistake in the future.

Lack of continuity is a significant risk which may get experienced when running the project. Every company should expect changes once the project gets completed. If the staff and the stakeholders do not embrace change the goals of the project may not be achieved. Besides, continuity may result from a lack of consistency from the project employees. Some employees may opt to leave the project before expiry. The role and the experience they have may be hard to replace, and this may cause the plan to fail. The risk can be addressed by having strict supervision after the completion of every phase. The chance may also get sent through motivation of staff and the stakeholders.

How to Ensure that the Project Remain on Track

To remain on track, the project manager should try to come up with any unforeseen obstacles and later address on a timely basis. There should be ideas regarding how the barriers should be tackled. Involving the stakeholders also ensures that the project remains on track. All the stakeholders and the staff should work together for the achievement of the project. The running of a project should not be a project manager affair but instead teamwork who need to work hand in hand. There is also the need to have the right relationship among the stakeholders and the staff. Continuity of the project gets achieved if the team are allowed to own the project and to have the chance to air out their opinions then the plan is likely to remain on track. Involving the staffs and the employees of the selected company ensures that the project remains on track.

In conclusion, it is the goal of any project to ensure that all set goals and objectives get on a timely basis. The plan should stop running, but the results and the benefits should get enjoyed in the entire life. Identifying risks ensures that huge risks get handled before those that cause less risk.

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