Role of Federal Government in Economic and Social Issues

Role of Federal Government in Economic and Social Issues

The Federal Reserve System has helped the government and industries address the national goals in the economic sector by fulfilling its mission as an independent entity. The Federal Reserve acts as a central bank that receives monetary policy decisions. It provides service to thrift institutions and credit union who hold reserve balances and provide credit loans to the business customers and individuals. The Federal system examines banking institutions for safety and soundness as well as taking part in the setting of different monetary policies.

Security and Exchange Commission helps the government executes laws and play a role in its enforcement and gives it confidence in the stock market.  It provides transparency in the different financial working environment. Security law violations get to be investigated and prosecuted and civil actions both on the federal court and administrative judges. The Security Exchange Commission works with agencies in providing assistant to court proceedings on criminal cases under the jurisdiction of law (Chen, 2019)

The Tennessee Valley Authority helped the government create job opportunities to the citizens of the US and assisting the organization in retaining most of its employees. The investment initiative. Investment credit applies to the company’s power bills with the provision of it from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Loan funds with reduced interest costs and security deposit coverage have been initiated for qualified customers who benefit from the project, in turn, boosting the citizen’s living standards ( Editors, 2017)

The Food and Drug Administration protects public health by providing accurate and health information to the public. The regulators in the administration work to ensure that safe and healthy products reach the audience by providing stability and predictability for industries. With adequate safety standards on products, an increase in economic growth is attracted hence benefiting people by minimizing poverty levels (Madia, 2011).




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