Role of Strategic Management in Healthcare Institutions

Role of Strategic Management in Healthcare Institutions

The role of strategic management in health care institutions is to set objectives and measure the success. The strategic management enables measurement of progress in an organization. The process acts as a platform that directs the organization forward (Muller, Bezuidenhout & Jooste, 2006). Second, strategic management decisions and actions play a critical role in determining long-term performances of a healthcare organization. A health care organization that employs strategic management processes experience a successful spell compared to those without (Hunger, Wheelen, Hoffman & Bamford, 2015). Besides, a health care institution does not only benefit from the outcome produced from strategic management process but from the process itself. Due to the dynamic natures of the environment, the flexibility of the strategic management allows healthcare organizations to respond to unpredictable changes that they might encounter. Third, with a strategic management, healthcare institutions can take advantage of the available opportunities that provide resources, clear purpose, and commitment. Similarly, strategic management helps healthcare institutions to overcome challenges and successfully maintain an efficient business operation in the long-run.



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