Romantic Era Composers

Giacomo Puccini, Franz Liszt, and Giuseppe Verdi are all composers from the Romantic Era. If the three happened to meet, maybe at a party, they would talk about Music and where they want to see their songs in the later years. They would also talk about the work they are currently doing, their forthcoming productions, and the challenges they are facing both personal and in the industry. It is obvious they would be interested to know what it has taken each one of them to get where they are, and such a meeting would be their best moment since the topic revolves around music(Bertagnolli, 2017). They will have a discussion about each ones’ inspirations to venture into the field as well as the impact their music has had on society.

Jazz music originated from African-American groups of New Orleans, US and it advanced from roots in ragtime and blues. As it spread across the globe, Jazz drew on regional, local, and national music cultures that led to the growth of other different styles(Kramer, 2009). John Coltrane was one of the American Jazz composers. I started learning about Jazz music while I was still young, and with time I have come to know that John Coltrane is a master of perfect and well-composed jazz music. Coltrane played a refined style of Jazz. It is possible to think he directed the great Jazz via his sax. It took me some time to understand Coltrane’s music as I felt that it was a bit slow.

However, he has taught me the essentials of music production, and nowadays I am a great fan of the Jazz music(Kramer, 2009). John contributed significantly to the development of Jazz through the influence he has had on numerous musicians. His music is among the most outstanding saxophone jazz in history. Giant steps, the fifth album of Coltrane, has become a discovery album, and most tracks are templates for the practice of saxophone jazz by many musicians


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