Sales and Marketing Operations

Sales and Marketing Operations

To what extent does your company use technology to conduct its marketing?

What are some challenges that salespeople in your company might encounter?


Developed technology has become critical in every business operation. Both small and big companies have used technology for competitive advantage. Marketing is one of the business processes that requires a comprehensive application of new technology to reach as many customers as possible. Notably, the level and strategy of marketing remain critical in the determination of business success.  Therefore business creates means of outcompeting others through a designed plan for competitive advantage. Utilization of technology in marketing has become a significant factor in the determination of business success or failure. Technology in marketing attempts to present a product or service to a customer in a more appealing manner, and this put it on top.

Nevertheless, technology is not a panacea to business problems but must understand how to apply the particular technique for competitive advantage. Therefore, there is a technology boom but what creates the difference is how it’s used.  Also, the organization should be well prepared and train its employees. Majority of companies conduct marketing seminar to train workers on how to adopt the marketing tools in the new technology.  An organization should ensure its staff is updated with technology to cut down the cost of high production and hiring professionals. A company uses technology to increase the speed of delivery of products and services to clients, and this gives it a competitive advantage. Consumers become happy, satisfied and build trust with the company. Therefore by the time competitors make use of new technology a company has taken over a significant market share.

Salespeople face a lot of challenge in the face of new technology. First, there is a vast number of competitors in the market. New technology and globalization have made a world a global village, with several businesses transacting in the same products and services. Another challenge is the selection of appropriate technology in the sense that different apps are suitable for various products and services. Customers have lost interest in some adverts thus making it difficult for salespeople to reach potential customers with the right message.



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