Sales to Marketing Job Transition

Sales to Marketing Job Transition

Article Response: Sales to Marketing Job Transition

The article explains that most of the firms require employees to start as salespeople before transitioning to the marketing department. The authors add that some employees find it challenging to transition to sales. The individual-level factors that enable a person to overcome the challenges in transitioning are interesting. The solutions will allow me to enhance my professional success as they apply to the workplace. They will make me more effective in confronting the challenges I may face as a new marketer.

To successfully transition from sales to marketing, a person must have a marketing mindset. The statement means that a person must be passionate about marketing. Marketing may be challenging for people that are not mentally prepared for the tasks. Teamwork is also important. A person must learn to work with other people in the marketing department. Additionally, sales experience is needed, meaning that spending time in the sales department is also important. A person must be proactive in seeking feedback and researching the market. To make the transition, a person must also be effective in outsourcing some of the tasks to other people that may be more effective.

The individual factors that aid a person in SMJT are important as they mean that salespeople can take steps to increase their effectiveness when they become marketers. It is relieving to know that a person can improve their professional performance as a marketer. Organizational level factors may be out of the control of a person. Individual-level factors are much easier to control. The section on individual factors that enable a successful transition to the marketing function make one aware of the steps that one should take.


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