Salt and Heart Disease

In the recent past, research has focused on the role of salt in cardiovascular deaths. The reduction of salt intake in the diet is effective in reducing blood pressure. Studies in the past have recommended a reduction in the salt intake to be one of the priorities of the current generation.

Despite this revelation, some research has doubted the idea that salt is directly responsible for cardiovascular problems. However, the relation between sodium and blood pressure was first recognized over one hundred years ago. The increase in blood pressure is well documented to lead to high risk of cardiovascular diseases. The two revelations are important points showing the connection between the two.

Nearly 5000 years ago, Chinese medical theories projected that high dietary salt intake produced a hardened pulse. However scientific evidence of the same was first published in 1960 by Dahl. There is a linear and direct link between the mean intake of sodium and the incidence of hypertension. Animal experiments have further confirmed this relationship to be true.

Despite these revelations, the players in the salt industry have interests of keeping salt intake high

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