Samsung Branding

It is no doubt that branding plays an integral in the success of any company especially those that depend on good reputation to make sales. The success story of Samsung Electronics Corporation is a manifestation of the important role that branding plays in the development and growth of any company of reputable stature. This report analyzes the different forms of branding that Samsung engages in and the impact they have on the company. Moreover, the report reviews the historical development of such branding strategies by analyzing the evolution of the company’s logo and slogan. Ultimately, the report is aimed at informing other business leaders into the best branding strategies as well as the impact of each on a company’s development.

Samsung was founded in 1983 as a traditional company but diversified later to meet the needs of the international market. Although the name is of Korean origin, it has been modified to have an English appeal and thus suit the international market in terms of branding. By 1969, the company had become the leading electronic manufacturer ion South Korea and catered for the needs of the international market. The association of the company with high tech electronics products helps in the development of its brand as a company with high quality products for the international market (Chang, 2011, pp 46). Ideally, the powerful branding strategies have propelled the company to be the leading company partly for its venture into LCDs in 1993. In part, the company’s growth can be attributed to its logo which has a blue background with the word Samsung written in white as well as its slogan, “turn on tomorrow”.

The methodology of the research was based on available information from literature review. As thus, most of the data was sourced from secondary sources and involved the review of available books and published journals. Collected data was then thoroughly analyzed to answer the research questions and provide insights into the inferences made.  After data analysis, the findings were tested for their reliability and validity using a number of tests. For instance, validity was ensured through the use of only published material in the course of the research. The choice of Samsung as a company is driven by the continued growth and stability in an ever dynamic indu

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