How to Write a Satire Essay and Some Interesting Topics

What is a Satire Essay?

A satirical essay, just as the name suggests, is a style of writing that uses satire to poke fun or to criticize a subject. A writer uses devices such as hyperboles, and irony to put the point across. A Satire essay can commonly be seen during elections as they are aimed at political candidates, celebrities, or absurd situations. Within the scope of the essay, the writer will seek to give relevant, useful, and eye-opening information to the reader’s attention.

Writing a good satire essay requires a lot of creativity, and this may be challenging for some students.

Writing a Satire Essay

First of all, before you start writing the essay, there are a few things you need to know:

Understand the topic well enough and get the tutor’s instructions. This will keep you from straying from the topic and write the required essay.

Know the size that’s required for the paper as well as the format to be used. Know whether the essay should be written in first, second or third person perspectives.

Having known and understood the above, you can now proceed to write the satirical essay at hand.

Select the topic

The first thing to do is coming up with a topic, that is, if one hasn’t been given already. Selecting the topic, however, should not be too complicated as there are quite a number of events and people who shock and amuse us with silliness.

These are some of the topics you can choose from when writing a satire essay:

  • Politics
  • Celebrities
  • Human vices
  • Health and environmental matters
  • Holiday celebration
  • Social media
  • Current events

Remember that the goal of your essay is to use satire as much as possible to bring out your subject (Just like the satirical cartoons you see in papers). Start by having a goal, then using the literacy devices and facts to reach that goal.

Using a hyperbole

Using a hyperbole exaggerates the information that has been provided, as well as emphasizing your point. It’s worth noting that hyperbole doesn’t mean telling lies. You have to stick to the facts and highlight them using hyperbole in such a way that the absurdity behind them is clear. An example of hyperbole would be, ‘Your joke is too old, the last time I heard it, I was riding a dinosaur.’

Employ the aspect of irony

Irony refers to the use of words to refer to the exact opposite of what you are saying or to express the incongruity between what someone expects versus what happens. Irony is one of the best tools to use in satirical essays as it criticizes with sarcasm. For example: ‘The marriage counselor has filed for a divorce.’ This is ironical because one would expect that the professional who coaches couples experiencing difficulties should be able to sort out his own.

Humor and sarcasm

If humor and irony are mildly used to mock or criticize something, then sarcasm can be hurting. You, therefore, have to be careful of the sarcasm that you use.

By pointing out on the ridiculous aspect of a person or situation you are writing about, you can easily and quickly bring people to your way of thinking and drive your point home. Readers respond well to humor, especially when you make them see things the way you do.

The length of a satire essay should just be like any other; you have to be careful, however, as there is a very thin line between a rude commentary and satire. If you can’t balance the two, then buying an essay seems to be a better option for you.

Some Interesting Topics for Satire Essays

If you are still struggling to come up with a topic, then here are some categories with some topics:


  • Is being broke that bad?
  • They say money can’t buy happiness, but would you rather cry in a Bugatti?
  • Money, is it just a piece of paper?
  • Why money does not make you happy
  • Working hard doesn’t mean making more money
  • How to save and buy your dream home
  • How to save money



  • How much influence does the media have in our lives
  • Television versus social media, who has the biggest impact today?
  • Do people still buy newspapers?
  • Is fake news real?
  • Privacy-do we still have it?
  • The media rules our thinking
  • Does freedom of speech still exist?


  • How to navigate through the social pyramid in school
  • Do you have to graduate from school?
  • Do we still need chalks?
  • Dropping out of school could turn out to be the best decision you’ll ever make
  • Things that aren’t taught in school
  • Do grades really matter?

Funny topics

  • Phrases used by your girlfriend and what they really mean
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich?
  • Why is it that earphone always end up in knots?
  • Why do women take so long to be ready?
  • Breaking up with your partner over a text message
  • So they say you  are what you eat
  • Common first world problems

Information technology

  • Will robots take over our jobs?
  • The cloud storage: where is your data stored?
  • Is public Wi-Fi that safe?
  • The truth about hackers
  • Can you live without your computer for a day?
  • How we rely on technology entirely


  • How to make it in business without much effort
  • Employing the right staff for your business
  • Business role models
  • How much power do customers have in a business?
  • How effortless is it to run your own business?

The environment

  • How can we stop pollution together?
  • Is climate change real?
  • Is recycling making any difference?
  • let’s discuss global warming
  • water pollution: there’s no more fish in the sea
  • Is banning cars worth it?


  • Here’s why I will not be getting married in the church
  • Questions to ask yourself before saying I do
  • Why do most marriages end in divorce?
  • Should men wear wedding rings?
  • Should we legalize same-sex marriage?


  • Is love real
  • If love is blind, then why do we care so much?
  • How to avoid the first date butterflies
  • Pick-up lines and when to and when not to use them
  • How to know when you are in love
  • Conversation starters for your first date

Social issues

  • Is it time to control our guns?
  • Why poverty is not just a third world problem
  • Should healthcare be free for all?
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Is obesity an epidemic in our country?
  • Cyberbullying-lets address this once and for all


  • Will soccer ever become popular in America?
  • Are athletes role models?
  • Should steroids be allowed in sports?
  • Footballers are earning thousands per week
  • Where will the next Olympics be held?
  • The world cup-the biggest tournament on the planet


  • Should the US build a wall, and is Mexico paying for it?
  • How to tackle illegal immigration
  • Should we listen to politicians anymore?
  • What is Brexit, and what is it all about?
  • Is the death penalty a dying tradition?
  • Are concealed handguns a hidden problem?
  • What do Russia and the United States have in common?


  • The biggest events in history
  • The roles of the royal family then and now
  • How Adolf Hitler came to be the leader of a nation
  • What do we know about the holocaust?
  • Alexander the great-was he that great?
  • What can we learn from the Berlin wall?
  • What would have happened had slavery never been abolished/
  • How the Second World War could have turned out differently.

Satire Essay Concluding Remarks

Writing a satire essay can be a very rewarding task and one that has a lot of fun. However, it is not an easy task altogether. In case you are having issues writing a satirical easy, we can help you here at Our professional essay writers will help you with choosing the most appropriate satire topic (in case it is not given) and take care of the entire writing process.


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