Schizophrenia is an illness that affects an individual’s ability to think, feel and behave well. Genetic and environmental factors mainly cause the disease. People who suffer from the disorder develop thoughts or experiences that are not realistic. They may not also communicate well or participate in daily activities. Besides, they also have difficulties in concentration. The disease can be treated through medications as prescribed by the doctor. The purpose of this paper is to show the symptoms of schizophrenia, diagnostic screening and the interventions in curing RB.

There are many negative symptoms associated with the disorder RB is experiencing. One of them is lack of pleasure among the victims. For this reason, they do not enjoy anything in life. Secondly, these individuals may not communicate well like ordinary people. In this case, they cannot talk much or show any feelings. Also, these people may become irresponsible as they can stop bathing and caring for themselves. They may also experience problems in accomplishing simple tasks.

Besides, a person suffering from this disorder can benefit from hallucinations. Thus, RB can hear, feel, smell or see things that no one does. RB can also listen to voices in their mind which can influence them to do certain positive things. RB can also develop grandiose delusions. It is a situation where one imagines being a top celebrity like a famous politician or a musician in society.

There are several approaches to conducting diagnostic analysis in treating RB. The physician can request for CT and MRI scan. The doctor can also check on the mental health of the patient. In this case, the medical expert can ask about the delusions, moods, thoughts, and hallucinations of the patient. Additionally, the doctor must investigate the chances of the patient of committing suicide or engaging in violent acts. Furthermore, the physician can interrogate the medical history of the victim to know if the disorder is hereditary.

The initial intervention for treating RB comprises of physiological response and cognitive therapy. This refers to the activities taken to change the feelings and behavior of people. Mental treatment will assist in dealing with negative thinking. Another approach is through family intervention. The close associates of the patient can support him/her in performing daily chores at home. For instance, the victims can be assisted to wash their clothes, utensils and be reminded about various issues regularly. It is because they tend to forget things quickly because of their mental problems.

Various medications can be used to cure Schizophrenia. Treatment with physiological therapy and other drugs can assist in managing the condition. However, medicines are commonly used to cure this disorder. Antipsychotic medicines are widely used to cure the illness. Medications should be given after identifying the disease, and the patient should be hospitalized if the situation become chronic. Some of these signs include weight gain, a dry mouth, and muscle cramping. The disorder can also be treated through the use of antipsychotics.


Schizophrenia is a disease that continues to affect many individuals across the globe. It changes the mind of a person, and one may start living a life full of illusions. The exact cause of the disorder is not known, but many believe that genetic factors cause it. The illness has both positive and negative consequences. It is advisable to go for diagnostic assessment before starting treatment. The disease is usually cured through antipsychotic drugs.