School Lunch Proposal

15th April 2019


Mr. Reece Beglin


Brookhorse Academy


Dear Reece,

On behalf of Sparks Enterprise, I would like to express our happiness for you have chosen our firm to propose the school lunch and beverage services. The company primarily offers high quality and efficient beverage and snacks. Moreover, it has registered a decade of success in the juice and snack industry. We understand the controversy regarding the safety of junk foods and beverages sold to the students. Considering all factors and needs, we have drafted a comprehensive proposal and plan which will seek to serve the interest of all the stakeholders.

To begin with, we plan to set up portable juice bars on school campuses and offer healthy vegetables and fruits drinks alongside simple and healthy snacks. The portability element will seek to provide comfort to the students. Also, the students will be treated to healthy and fresh fruit juices and vegetables. Our firm believes in natural products with zero additives; hence, safe for human consumption. The business will provide healthy snacks including nutritious cakes, cheese, buggers, and chips among other confectionaries.


Images samples of fresh vegetables, fruits, and snacks (Burns, 2016)

Besides, we will offer the school a 30% profit in appreciation for providing us with a long-term contract and free space. It is evident that working on a long term basis and building rapport with the students will make the business flourish. Also, the fact that the students love fast food will be an advantage to us since it will provide constant market and flow of revenue. Upon approval of the 12 year-contract deal, success will be mandatory. The free space will enhance our activities in such an enabling environment. We endeavor to provide the annual financial reports to the school as a show of transparency in the business.

Further, the students will get free job-training and internship opportunities, especially during the summer holidays. The program will benefit the students pursuing hospitality and beverage related courses. The trainees will practice their skill and acquire more knowledge and relevant expertise in business. To be specific, the firm will offer thirty slots for the program and expose the students to the dynamic business world. Besides, the outstanding candidates will get an opportunity to work at the facility on a part-time basis and get a monthly steep-end (Kelly, 2017). The athletes will benefit from our training which encompasses healthy dieting to improve their performance, general health, and body fitness. The enterprise will sponsor some of the school’s extra-curriculum activities. We will work closely with the office to nurture talents.

To foster transparency concerning the safety of our products, we will endeavor to provide clear information on the dietary content of all the products we sell. Every product will have a comprehensive list of ingredients attached. For instance, the ice cream packaging will highlight the ingredients alongside their quantities in that particular brand. Also, the products will have the expiry dates as an essential measure for consumer safety. The nutritional expert will estimate and advise on the benefits of every product to aid in choice. Therefore, the inclusion as mentioned above will be vital in solving the health concerns raised by parents since they will be able to advise their children on the safest snack or juice to purchase. Also, the products we offer conform to the Federal Bureau of Standard and the consumer protection agency limits.

The enterprise will establish an advisory board composed of selected parents, a certified nutritional expert, two teachers, the business representative, and the student representatives. The board meeting shall be held after every six months. The board will seek to discuss many issues affecting the students in terms of the products and services offered. Among the topics to be addressed include safety, affordability, availability, and work ethics. The nutritional expert will advise the committee on the safety and nutritional benefits of the various products. He or she will cross-examine every new product to establish their safety before releasing to the market. The parents will have a platform to air their concern and demands regarding the services offered. Among the complaints that may arise includes increased cases of obesity and stomach discomforts resulting from fast foods. The issues will be discussed and addressed accordingly during the board meetings. The student’s representatives will be responsible for collecting and presenting the views, complaints, and recommendation from students on how to improve on our services. As such, the inclusion of relevant stakeholders will ensure the smooth running of the business for the benefit of all.

As a corporate social responsibility, the enterprise will support the local farmers and allowing the local vendors to test-market the new products. Such measures aim at improving the livelihood of the locals by elevating their living standards (Unit, 2015). The local fruits farmers will benefit from the ECO-FARM project recently launched by the management. The project enrolls farmers and provides them with affordable fertilizers, loans for large scale farming, farm machinery for efficiency, constant and fair market for their produce, and education on the best practices. Also, the farmers will get insurance covers that will cater for losses in case of agricultural losses due to natural calamities like prolonged drought. We believe that the above strategy will boost the agricultural output of the entire region, leading to rapid economic growth. The agriculture students within the campus will also get market for their fruits and vegetables.

The enterprise will sponsor some of the extra-curriculum activities such as athletics. It will allocate some capital to manage events like purchasing the attires and relevant sporting equipment. As a culture, we will provide the school fraternity with free lunch every fortnight. The teachers and students will be served with the nutritious meal of their choice. In addition, the DISCON program will provide discounts for the students.

For inquiries, please contact me through We are looking forward to your recommendations and views concerning the plan. Thank you.


Bruce Smarlling

Marketing Manager

Sparks Enterprise


Images of fresh fruit juices and snacks (Burns, P2016)
























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