SCI 228 Week 6 Quiz: Version 2

Question 1: (CO 6) The maximal heart rate for a 30-year-old individual would …

Question 2: (CO 6) The primary energy source for aerobic activities is

Question 3: (CO 6) Foods with the highest satiety value are high in

Question 4: (CO 6) In which of the following events would carbohydrate loading be the most beneficial?

Question 5: (CO 6) What are the standard criteria used for … an eating disorder?

Question 6: (CO 6) Impulsive, low self-esteem, seeks attention, extroverted, and erratic describe personality traits of

Question 7: (CO 6) Which of the following psychiatric disorders causes the most deaths among women?

Question 8: (CO 6) Which of the following is the most common eating disorder?

Question 9: (CO 6) Which of the following eating disorders is … with obesity?

Question 10: (CO 6) Currently, the best known treatment of eating disorders is