Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice

Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice

The ANA Scope and Standards of Practice guides nursing practice and gives an extensive description of the art and science of nursing. It also provides direction for registered nurses throughout the nation and helps define values and priorities.
If a nurse is accused of inappropriate professional behavior or malpractice, the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice is one of the tools used to determine whether the allegations are correct. Other tools and documents used include the facility’s policies and the ANA Code of Ethics.

1.Explain how the American Nurses Association’s Scope and Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics serve as a foundation for nursing practice and health promotion
2.Compare and contrast the nursing process and clinical reasoning
3. Describe how the nursing process is utilized to promote the health of individuals and families
4. Examine the roles and responsibilities of the professional nurse related to promoting health and wellness
5. Apply knowledge of the nursing role to promoting health behaviors in others



The ANA’s scope and standards of practice enhance nursing practice and health promotion by describing the “what,” “who,” “how,” “why,” and “when with regards to nursing practice (ANA, 2015). Code of ethics on the other hand explicitly outlines the values, obligations and primary goals associated with the profession. It expresses a nurses’ own understanding of the inherent commitments.

Nursing process entails a series of[cmppp_restricted] steps that are designed to enhance excellent care: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Clinical reasoning on the other hand involves a way of thinking that helps to determine, prevent and manage a patient’s problems (Kuiper et al., 2017). Both are important in that they have the ability of determining the outcome of a patient’s care.

Nurses use the nursing process to promote people’s health by following the inherent steps to help address the problems that patients might be facing. Nursing process is something that offers a framework to think through issues/problems and provides some form of organization to nurses’ critical thinking skills (Kuiper et al., 2017). The process is quite flexible as it allows for creativity and the aspect of thinking outside the box.

When it comes to promoting health and wellness, a nurse’s roles and responsibilities includes providing patients with information that is needed to manage and help improve their health (Edelman et al., 2017). Ensuring that patients access accurate information and at the same time advocating for healthy lifestyles can help the patients to have a better control of their health.

There are varied health promoting behaviors that a nurse can instigate towards others in his/her capacity. Among them is regular physical activities, low-fat diet, avoiding stress and smoking ,and maintaining a healthy body weight as these aspects help prevent numerous chronic diseases (Edelman et al., 2017).



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