Screen Guard for Smartphones and Tablets

Screen Guard for Smartphones and Tablets

The specific advantage which the screen guard will provide over the competitors’ is that of prices. The screen protectors will be affordable to the customers in the market. The cost of the products can either attract clients or send them away. For this reason, there is a need to use a competitive and reliable approach when setting the prices of the screen guards. First, the company will produce screen guards of different sizes with the corresponding prices. Moreover, the quality of the screen guards will also determine the cost of the products. For example, a screen protector with higher durability should have lower rates than those with short durability period.

The Branding Strategy

Branding the screen guard products is all about perception. It is how an individual or a client views a service or product. It is the perception of an individual as it relates to how the brand is represented to the world around us. It also defines the way the client or consumer views or even feels about the given product (Truong et al. 2017). Attitude branding is the use of perception to its maximum potential. Attitude branding will involve the evoking of feelings and emotions as related to the product. How do the clients perceptive our products concerning their identity, self-worth? These are the questions asked when considering the marketing of the screen guard to the consumers. Our prices are unbeatable and friendly to the consumers. The amount which a company charges and the ways the prices are displayed have a crucial influence on the potential clients and the existing clients. Not only do the costs determine the likelihood of purchase but also the ways the prices promotions affect customer loyalty. Customers always aim at minimizing risks when faced with the desire or need to purchase a good. They are either concerned with spending a lot of money or having the wrong product. Prices and the ways they are displayed can decide if a client buys or foregoers a product.

Target Audience

The target market for our screen guard products is those who use Smartphone products which range from average to daily use devices to the industrialized standard equipment. The usual target age group for the customers range from the 20s to 50s or even older, provided the individual can purchase and using the products which smartphones must provide in the market. The teenagers to early adults aged 14-25 years. This age group of consumers is often the Screen guard target customer because they are tech-savvy. The group of consumers is increasingly growing, and this group has a high spending power in recent years compared to those in the past. The adults aged 26-50 are also a target group. This group of targets is the most significant portion of Smartphone users, and they have the most ability to buy any product. Additionally, they have continually grown and is anticipated to grow in the next years. In the last decade, cellphones have increased and changed the communication habits of the consumers in the U.S.A.  While the younger generation has grown up with the technology, there are differences in behaviors and attitudes towards the usage of cellphones across the user segments.




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