Second World War in Europe and the Contributions of the USA

Second World War in Europe and the Contributions of the USA

The war started from Germany’s invasion of Poland in the year 1939 on the 1st of September, and it ended on 8th May in 1945. It left approximately 55 million people dead and many injured. Second World War is the most significant and most destructive conflict ever occurred. On May 8th when the war was ending, there was a grand celebration in both the USA and Britain rejoicing for the victory of Europe for the defeat of Hitler together with Nazis. One month later the war ended with the allied victory. Finally, in 1945, Japan surrendered unconditionally to the Allies which resulted in the naming of “Victory over Japan day.”Contributions of the USA towards the victory of Europe include:

First: Expansion of the army. The number of military in the USA in 1939 was about 174,000 army, 126400 were in the group of navy, in the Air corps army they were 26000, in Marine Corps they were 19700, and rest were placed in the coast guard. At the end of 1945, the government of the USA increased the number of troops to six million where 300,000 navy, 2,4000,00 air force, 484, 000 Marine Corps and finally 170000 coast guard. However, the USA increased the number of the army after some years, and they aimed to ensure that there will be no more war as it had killed so many people in the Second World War.

Second: The USA provided raw materials to the soldiers and the people affected by conflict. There was an urgent need for the government of the USA to provide raw materials since there were shortages of food to sustain the victims if the war, The government of the states ensured that it had provided the European people with water as well. They make sure that when soldiers are going to gift their enemies have food and water to give them strength to continue fighting with their enemies (Rose and Edward, P 170).

Third: USA government also introduced Atomic bombs to kill Japanese. When the Second World War started, the USA government created two atomic bombs. However, the USA government did not want to kill all the resident of Japanese but instead they had a specific place where they targeted. Among the targeted people were Hiroshima and the Nagasaki. On the 6th of September 1945, American put the first bomb in Hiroshima and the second bomb was set on 8th of August in Nagasaki on the same month. There was a significant impact because the two Atomic bombs in Japan killed 100,000 Japanese immediately. Finally in 1945, 2nd of September, the Japanese surrendered the war.

Forth: American government Increasing tensions, American raised the tensions to make other countries such as Japan to end the war by putting restrictions on the war item in the shipment. Here Americans were not allowed to travel on the ships of belligerent and no belligerents were permitted loans in the United States. The main aim of the USA putting that tensioning is because they wanted to make those people who were fighting to fear and hence bring the war to an end. During the war, the American allies encouraged one another; they worked together to ensure that they have defeated all their enemies. Finally the partners of American they make sure that they are working together to achieve their goals of protecting the lives of innocent people by defeating their enemies. The allies in the Second World War include England, USA, Union of Soviet and France.



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