Security Performance Metrics

Security Performance Metrics

Security metrics is very vital in security management. However, in literature and field, there are few tested metrics and almost no guidance on how to effectively use metrics to persuade and inform the management. In its endeavor to close this gap, ASIS Foundation sponsored a research project whose design was to add to the knowledge of security metrics. The project also sought to empower professionals’ insecurity in accessing and presenting metrics. The actionable products of the study were the security metrics evaluation tool, a documentation of metric descriptions and efficient use of security metrics guidelines.

Reasons Why your Enterprise Needs a CRO

The role of the chief risk officer (CRO) has become more enhanced and even more important in the modern industry due to the increased rate of cyber attacks. There are several why any enterprise needs a CRO. One of the reasons is increasing regulatory pressure, which always need be complied with. Next is the consumerization of enterprise data making an enterprise vulnerable to attacks due to the portability and increased use of social media for crowd sourcing. Growth of cloud computing is another reason due to the vulnerability of data stored in the cloud (Ritchey, 2015). Another reason is increased internal fraud since employees are aware of set security safeguards. Creating new lines of defense is another reason since CROs meet with fellow experts and exchange ideas to improve security. Lastly is security diversity due to the multiple solutions needed to protect various applications of which a CRO can combine. The above reasons have enhanced role of a CRO to prevent data loss and theft (Ritchey, 2015).

Ways to Improve Security Executive Resume

A resume needs to be concise, clear and attractive for it is a marketing tool. A recruiter decides whether to give one further consideration based on the resume. Tips to help improve a resume include being brief and straight to the point. Lengthy resumes are a huge turn-off and one just needs to state their previous positions and duties but in case of extraordinary achievements, one can include them (Brennan & Mattice, 2015). Besides, one need to tailor their resume to the security position and job description applying for rather than a lengthy story of work experience in the security sector. One should also pay attention to the design and develop an appealing resume that catches the eye fast. Again, watching one’s wording like starting sentences with power verbs is recommended. Including as much contact information as one can is important and one should include dates for each position stated. Also, one should make a hard copy to carry probably to the interview and should be presentable. Lastly, one should seek outside impression of content to get an idea of what the recruiter might think (Brennan & Mattice, 2015).

The most important thing I have leant this week is that a resume needs to be clear and concise. Again, it needs to be tailored to fit the specific job description. This will help me in future as I endeavor in searching for a job.



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