Segmenting Consumer and Business Market

The chosen show for this particular discussion is America’s Best Cook. However, the following three bases might be used to segment the market. They include demographic geographic and psychographic segmentation. First, the market for America’s Best Cook show can be segmented using demographic segmentation. The market will be divided into groups based on age, income, religion, gender, race, family size, education and nationality. The show can consider the age and use different marketing approach to target children, adults and seniors. Moreover, the best types of food exhibited in the show can be appealing to people of different ages. Also, the show can segment the market based on the income of the targeted people. Different types of food are consumed by people of different classes. Therefore, the income affects the consumers’ purchasing power.

The second type is geographic segmentation. America’s Best Cook show might decide to divide its market into various geographical units. Besides, these units include nations, states, cities and neighborhood (America’s Best Food, n.d). The show might advertise its products to different nations or cities in different languages so that the consumers’ needs are met. The other geographical variables that affect market segmentation include climate and natural resources (Kurtz, & Boone, 2011). Different regions have varied climatic conditions and natural resources. Therefore, America’s Best Cook show can advertise their products and services and keep in mind the climate and natural resources of the targeted region.

Third the show might employ psychographic segmentation. This type of segmentation is based on lifestyle and personality traits. Since we have multiple shows that offer the same products and services, America’s Best Cook show might consider personality characteristics. The show will segment its market based on competition among the groups involved, the ambition of the show and its aggressiveness (Kurtz, & Boone, 2011). Similarly, the show might use lifestyle as a basis to segment its market. Individuals with luxurious lifestyle will be offered products and services that meet their standard of living.

America’s Best Food show might use focus or concentrated targeting strategy to reach its consumers. Since we have several segments, the show might decide to use only one segment and concentrate its resources on it. For example, the show might use demographic segmentation and employ a single marketing mix to satisfy its customers. Similarly, by concentrating resources and meeting the needs of the defined market segment, the show might experience more profit than when it spreads resources over different segments. Therefore, America’s Best Cook show can concentrate its resources on providing knowledge to customers who would like to learn how to prepare delicious food.

Firms may decide to differentiate their products so that they look unique from their competitors. The show cares for the environment by promoting a greener lifestyle. America’s Best Cook show does not advocate its customers or workers to use plastic bags when wrapping the products. Instead, the show provides pieces of advice to its works and customers to use eco-friendly bags. Therefore, this strategy makes the show look superior to competitors. Also, the show host multiple events runs blogs and applications that are different from the competitors. It partners with major companies like Whole Food and Fresh Market to promote its unique products and services. Lastly, the availability of the show on the local television is conducive to everyone. The show runs at a time that everyone is available at home.

A product’s position provide the consumer with a perception and feelings about the product compared to those of the competitor (Kurtz, & Boone, 2011). First, America’s Best Cook show can advocate for product use or application as a positioning base to appeal to its customers. The show can advise the viewer and recommend them to use fast food in a situation when they do not have time to cook at home. For example, the show may recommend its customers to take Pizza or chips. Second, the show might use price and quality strategy as a positioning base. Products with high prices are always viewed as high-quality products. Therefore, since the show promotes high-quality products and services, they will appeal more to customers.



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