Select a Photographer and Analyze their Style

Select a Photographer and Analyze their Style

The main thrust of the paper must be an analysis of the selected photographer’s style and why that photographer is of continuing interest and relevance. Analyze and describe in detail at least three photographs that epitomize the photographer’s work. Remember to describe each photograph. What message/meaning is conveyed in the photographer’s images? Does this change throughout the photographer’s career? For example, you may compare early and late photographs.

Include an introductory and concluding paragraph. College level writing with proper footnotes, bibliography, and citing of at least three sources are required. Correct spelling, proper grammar, and college level writing are important. The paper must be a minimum of three pages, 12 point font, and double-spaced. The paper should include biographical information.

In addition to the paper, you will create and upload a PowerPoint presentation with a least 10 images (1 per slide) by your chosen photographer. Include the dates and titles of each photograph on the slide. If the work is untitled, use that as the title. If an exact date is unknown, write ca (which stands for circa) with the approximate date.

Review the rubric one last time. Use the name of the photographer as the Subject and attach both the paper and the presentation to that thread



Paper and Presentation

Criteria Possible Points
Artist biographical information (birth date/location, education, how they started in photography, etc.). 8
Description of three photographs (Describe the photographs in enough detail that your reader can envision them.). 9
Analysis of the photographer’s style and why the photographer is of continuing interest and relevance. 15
Ten (10) slides with titles and dates. 8