Selecting a Sales Person

Sales are essential in the hotel industry. A good salesperson in the hotel industry should have certain qualities such as excellent communication skills, resilience, honesty, persistence, and superior sales knowledge. In the case provided, each of the four interviewees have their strengths and weaknesses. However, if I were Claude and Cyril, I would hire Juan Carlise for several reasons.

Juan has the right education and experience for the hotel salesperson job. He is pursuing a hospitality program at senior level at the university where he has covered three-quarters of the coursework. Besides, he did his internship in a hotel and had worked in a hotel for four years. Moreover, Juan has an added advantage by speaking Spanish and English fluently. Hotels receive guests from various parts of the world. Apart from the necessary skills and knowledge in the hotel industry, Juan has unique characteristics that define a good salesperson. The attributes are evident in the way he answers the ten interview questions. For instance, Juan is patient and empathetic. When asked about his worst encounter with a salesperson, he mentions that he was pissed off by the pressure of sales person to have him buy the car then. He suggests the salesperson would have given him time to do the paperwork in his convenience as he reflects about the product. Besides, Juan is resilient and persistent. He kept on looking for an internship even after suffering rejection from two places. Salesmanship requires resilience and persistence because the denial of the goods and services by potential buyers is common. Moreover, Juan is enthusiastic about selling and loves helping customers to buy products and services.

In summary, Juan is the best candidate for the job given that he possesses the best sales qualities such as persistence, resilience, and empathy. Juan also believes in the ability to grow by accepting managerial responsibilities. Furthermore, he is organized and believes in working with a schedule to meet his goals.


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