Self-Assessment: Personality Profile

Self-Assessment: Personality Profile

Question 1

The self-assessment test gave me the opportunity of identifying my levels of personality in some aspects. To some extent, I agree with the results of the assessment. To begin with, I normally consider myself to be an extrovert.  I am always outgoing and overtly express myself while doing so. This is among the things that my peers like about me since I will usually offer some good form of company while out there. Actually, I expected the extraversion to attract a high level of personality factor, but the test has enabled me to realize that I am missing on one side of the personality. When it comes to being the center of attention, I do not think I am much into that, and that is why the overall extraversion score was at the moderate level.

Time and again I have gone out of my way just to help others. This happens more towards people that are close to me. During this period I tend to offer the relevant support that I can. However, I find it difficult sympathizing with other people’s feelings. This is because with time I have realized that feelings can be stumbling block to moving forward or getting things done. As a result, I prefer offering other forms of support like providing possible solutions to an issue rather than sympathizing.

When it comes to the consciousness section, the assessment got it right too. I am usually conscious of the things happening around me. Before indulging in anything that will consume my time or other resources, I tend to be well prepared. This is because I dislike the aspect of being wasteful. I always enjoy being optimal in the things that I indulge in. Paying attention to details has always been part of me too.  The aspect ensures that I have not missed on details that might end up being detrimental in the long-run.

I also tend to agree with the emotional stability score. Sometimes being relaxed is always dependent on the nature of the activity that is being undertaken. There are times when I am nervous, and there are times that I am very relaxed. The same thing applies to the concept of being bothered by things. It all depends on what is involved. This is why I agree with the moderate score on the emotional stability aspect. The high level personality factor when it comes to openness to experience is very accurate too. I am always eager to learn new things. Coming into contact with new ideas tends to be fascinating. I always see the prospect of learning new concepts, and this broadens my way of thinking.

 Question 2

Based on the results, I view the high level of consciousness as a strength. This is because I am always prepared while doing things. Being prepared is something that affects people in many things that they indulge in for varied reasons. A good example is how people have great ideas of the things that they want to do in order to become successful while undertaking certain activities. However, most of these ideas do not come to materialize. This is because the people fail to prepare adequately before executing their ideas. As a result, having the ability to be prepared for most things that I am involved with has always made me feel happy as it works as a strength on my side. It always increases the probability of success in that activity. When it comes to the aspect of paying attention to details, I always view it as a strength. This has manifested itself in projects that I have undertaken in the past.  When someone pays attention to details, the probability of missing some important aspects is highly minimized. This ensures that the stumbling blocks have been eliminated. Nonetheless, despite it being a strength on my side, there are some people that might view it as being a nuisance. This is more so people involved in a project where I am the leader.

The assessment also helps me in seeing some weaknesses that I possess. This has been manifested by the emotional stability score. Not being well relaxed is not much of a favorable trait. This is because a relaxed individual is way better at performing varied tasks. I can attest to this fact based on my experiences as a student. I have come across students with very high academic capabilities, but the fact that they are never relaxed during exams they end up not performing well. This aspect is likely to apply in other matters too hence qualifying as a weakness. Not being able to sympathize with other people’s feelings can be considered to be a weakness too since sometimes what people need is just a shoulder to cry on and not telling them what to do as at that time. It always comes out as being supportive and caring.

 Question 3

My personality is likely to influence my job performance in various ways. The fact that I enjoy hearing new ideas and thinking about things will help with the creativity aspect.  This is because based on the new ideas that I get, it will help in improving my pool of knowledge. This creativity will result to increased innovation prospects. With the way that things are changing in the current markets, creativity and innovation have become indispensable. Every organization wants to be at the forefront of every good thing that is being innovated. Some organizations have failed due to lack of these aspects. As a result, these traits will make me a valuable employee to any organization hence giving me some aspects of job security.

Having the ability to take time out for others is something that could influence my job performance too. This would apply more when I am the leader in a certain department. This trait would ensure that I treat the junior employees in the best way possible. This would result in a collaborative environment since I relate well with the employees. In return, the employees will try their best to pay back the good deeds. They will be aggressive in their allocated duties hence making it possible to achieve the set objectives. The overall performance of the department will be great hence making my job performance as the leader to come out as being outstanding.

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