Self-Assessment: Personality Profile

Self-Assessment: Personality Profile

Question 1

The self-assessment test gave me the opportunity of identifying my levels of personality in some aspects. To some extent, I agree with the results of the assessment. To begin with, I normally consider myself to be an extrovert.  I am always outgoing and overtly express myself while doing so. This is among the things that my peers like about me since I will usually offer some good form of company while out there. Actually, I expected the extraversion to attract a high level of personality factor, but the test has enabled me to realize that I am missing on one side of the personality. When it comes to being the center of attention, I do not think I am much into that, and that is why the overall extraversion score was at the moderate level.

Time and again I have gone out of my way just to help others. This happens more towards people that are close to me. During this period I tend to offer the relevant support that I can. However, I find it difficult sympathizing with other people’s feelings. This is because with time I have realized that feelings can be stumbling block to moving forward or getting things done. As a result, I prefer offering other forms of support like providing possible solutions to an issue rather than sympathizing.

When it comes to the consciousness section, the assessment got it right too. I am usually conscious of the things happening around me. Before indulging in anything that will consume my time or other resources, I tend to be well prepared. This is because I dislike the aspect of being wasteful. I always enjoy being optimal in t

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