Initially, I often encountered many magazine articles and self-help books talking about self-care as a popular topic, but I have little understanding of the term. In one way or the other, these sources gave different or poor explanation about what self-care is all about and how I could add it to my life. Soon I developed the interest of wanting to get deep into understanding more about self-care and practice it in my life. Self-care is all about doing good to oneself; in other words, being kind to yourself as you would be helpful to others. When one has self-care, then that person can understand when his or her resources are running low and take the first step towards replenishing the resources instead of having them drain away. Once you have self-care, you will never have a burnout since one will be guided by self-compassion. However, it is essential to take conscious when practicing healthcare since not everything that makes someone good means it is self-care. More importantly is to understand why self-care is important, suitable self-care practices and some of the hurdles when one is practicing self-care.

A person who values self-care is more productive in the sense that such a person will not fall for things that over-extend him but instead pay more attention to things that matter in life. As a result, one is likely to focus sharper on goals and concentrate on what you can perform better. By practicing self-care activities, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated sending the body in the right positions to remain healthy. The body is more at rest and peace in rejuvenating mode thus the immune system improves to prevent the body from any diseases. At the same time, self-care allows you to take care and meet your needs thus sending a message that is positive to one’s subconscious. There is that feeling that you matter most hence improved self-esteem. The mind only thinks about what one loves most doing hence one has more knowledge of his/herself.

Practicing self-care involves multiple activities ranging from having a compliments file where one documents the good things people say and look at them later. Relooking at these things later allows one to improve on what best he/she can achieve and maintains what one is already doing the best. The person needs to change the way of making decisions; that is, changing the form of deciding on something to either use heart or head depending on what is used. The practice allows a person to make a decision different from what one is used to and compare the results. Sometimes a person can decide to go cloud-watching by lying on the back, relax, and look up the six allowing things to move freely within him or her.  One may end up discovering new ideas that could make one more successful or accepted than before. It is essential that one can create a deliberate habit and make some small things routine in life by doing them day after day the same way. For instance, how one wears on particular days of the week or doing something the body gets used to doing before moving to the next. The body gets used to and takes control of itself.

Thus, from where I sit, self-care is as crucial as any other self-help term that describes the lifestyle of a person. The most important thing is to get clear of what self-care is, the purpose of one’s body and some of the practices that will qualify one to engage in self-care.  However, I believe it is necessary that any prudent person with a sound mind should practice self-care if such a person has any dream of achieving goals for themselves.


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