Serpico movie

  1. According to my view, the cause of corruption in the New York City police department from the “Serpico movie” was fear of recrimination. Serpico is a dramatic movie directed by Sidney Lumet in 1970 following a deep-rooted corruption in the New York police department as narrated by Officer Frank Serpico to the New York Times.Many officers engaged in acts of fraud because the systemsupports it. This is evident in the case when Al Pacino tells his fellow friendly cop Bob Blair about the corruption taking place in the department, and they plan to take the story to the mayor office. However, instead of dealing with the situation, the mayor snubs them. There is another situation where we see Whiny Doormat girlfriend confessing that she won’t testify because the fictional commissioner is also corrupt, “few funky cops thrown to the wolves to protectCommissioner Delaney and those guys who’ve known about this shit for years and won’t do a fucking thing about it. That’s why I won’t testify.”This shows that the cops defended the corrupt commissioners. A lot of top officials in the department were very corrupt, but there was little evidence that could lead their arrest. The spirit of Serpico arose when he saw his fellow cops being bribed by drug dealers, thugs, gamblers and criminals. From the above cases, it is evident that corruption occurred due to fear of recrimination.
  2. According to my perspective, Frank Serpico handled the situation correctly; he openly communicated about corruption. We even see him get at hand with inspector Lombardo to testify about the crime to the outside sources. His actions made a charming demeanor, Laurie to fall in love with him. Corruption in the police department took place because some of the officers were aware of it, but they couldn’t report to the relevant authorities. As stated by Sherman, “every police officer begins to perform more serious ethical violations after accepting their first cup of coffee.” We can see officers such Becker violating the law yet he is supposed to be the law enforcer. Hefails to get up from his nap to go and do his job; these corrupt police acted as rotten apples in the police department. However, after getting into the police department, Serpico promoted open communication that enabled the public to become aware of the fraud taking place in the police department. He also testified against the corruptofficers in the department. We see that after al Pacino is transferred to a new precinct making it six times, he finds a lot of corruption in these precincts, this leads him to take the cases to the New York Times. Once the cat gets out of the bag, the public answers leading to further investigation.

If I were Serpico, I would also handle the situation in a similar manner, corruption is evil in society, and it denies people justice and inhibits developments. Any form of crime detected in the workplace should be dealt with effectively. There should be no fear or favor when handlingcorruption cases. He, therefore, done the correct thing by responding to the corruption cases in the department.

The good thing about his response is that he helped in the elimination of corruption in the police department. We see at the end, inspector Lombardo taking Serpico as his Partnerand helping him to go to the New York Times with all of the evidence and take on the entire police department.His response helped to expose the unscrupulous individuals in the police system. On the other hand, there are bad things associated with his response; he was risking his life by responding to the corruption in the department. We can see in the conversation of the two officers, “Guess who got shot?” asks one policeman to another: “Serpico.” “Think a cop did it?” the other asks. “I know six cops said they’d like to,” Since the system was supporting crime, his chances of being killed were too high.


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